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User Info: VirtuaRacing

7 years ago#1
Just a quick reminder to all racing fans & Ferrari enthusiasts a like that may of missed or passed before.

It's on sale for 400msp this week.

OutRun Online Arcade gets removed offline next month, as in the license runs out so grab it while you can and tell your friends before it's gone forever.

You still be able to grab it from your download history there after, but new comers will not be able to buy it going in to 2012 and beyond.
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User Info: Santo3485

7 years ago#2
Thanks man! I got it for 400msp. Sweet deal!
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

7 years ago#3
Some of you may of noticed I posted this message on Daytona USA XBOX 360 which has since been removed, but as a kind reminder I also posted the above message reworded pacifically for Forza 4 and car enthusiasts a like being the most active racer on our system at this time and that's where it's all gone upside down.

In message 1 to gamefaqs I purposely said what I did and true to my thinking that they did exactly what you'd expect. The reply I almost chocked as if it was some automated reply... I knew it would take more than that to look a picture.

Enjoy: http://i39.tinypic.com/2883tzm.jpg

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User Info: model3

7 years ago#4
yes buy it now!!
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

7 years ago#5
The final replay which took 3 days to think of what to say, THREE DAYS!!!

Gamefaqs said:
"Please refrain from using this form to ask a bunch of unrelated questions. This form is only for disputing moderations. As has been explained twice now, your post has nothing to do with Forza 4. It is about OutRun, which again is not Forza 4.".

They closed it to run away from the truth...

The whole point of the exercise was for gamefaqs to acknowledge their ignorance. It is obvious not once did I argue the fact the topics were deleted. In truth I do not care, but I care about the stupidity of it's hosts as they are pathetic when it comes to the things that interest people the most.

There are more Sega, OutRun, Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Scud Race to name a few cars in Forza than the amount of basic cars the game provides from the start. Forza and Forza XBL are two totally different games as I have clearly stated in other words from my last message to the ignorant fool.

On top of that you can only appeal another moderation once one moderation clears. So as the iditot deleted my Daytona USA post like you knew they would I could not do anything even tho it was available to do so until today.

He has now removed the right to dispute or appeal my Daytona USA deleted topic.

The truth is GAMEFAQ's should have a system in place that if they really are going to do something out of spite as in delete a topic, (Daytona USA) because they were told it exists when no action and no Karma has been lost then that should be the end of it. Not fuel the fire and be ignorant about it at the same time.

This sort of attitude should not be allowed when sponsorship and advertising revenue is being paid into a pot when it's clear gamefaqs allow 100's & 100's of slander messages to be posted with no action taken by them self's every day. We have all marked messages with no action! Gamefaqs clearly is doing wrong, does not know what it is doing and is at fault.

I am sorry to say, but enough is enough. Good times guys, but gamefaqs does not in any way support the very meaning of the words "VIDEO GAMES". It abuses that right to make a profit which clearly is not justified.

See you next time chaps. It will not be here as this place disgusts me. Just a shame our friendship started and ends here, that the biggest loss.

Wishing you all the best,

V.R. :)
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User Info: Noobsaibot_21

7 years ago#6


You are only realising this now? I've been pushing a move for us for years. At the risk of having this post removed, remember the Kane & Lynch review fiasco? 


Team Avit deserves it's own site or forums. There are many corners of the net where we can openly discuss any game anywhere we want, post amusements/(embedded) videos/funnies and even use a bold word or two without having posts anonymously removed for almost nothing. Only time we should ever be here is to post a link to the site where we can have a proper yap about games. I'm open to suggestions.


So, yeah. I dont think Outrun Online Arcade comes anywhere near as entertaining as Outrun 2006 and especially Outrun 2. Hopefully, we can all do at least one Xlink Kai session at some point. Would be nice to race against the likes of RJay, VR, M3, Spence, Shiggs etc... once again.

User Info: Eric43

7 years ago#7
Um, F40, you can't be serious, are you? Yes, I think this site is horribly annoying, either over-run by jerks, fanboys, or angry mods, but you can't run to the Forza 4 board, start telling everyone to buy OutRun, and then say "well there's Ferraris in Forza so it's okay." Or maybe I'm having trouble understanding where you're coming from. You can't expect every mod to see eye-to-eye..they run through hundreds of modded messages every bday. And what does the Jeff Gerstmann "Lynch-gate" have to do with anything?

Start a blog like I did and we can post on it. That's my idea right now if you really want out of this place. And we can still post here because it doesn't look like the mods have nuked this board. Yet...
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

7 years ago#8

You might be missing the point. When I play Forza I think of Sega, I think of all the many hours me and friends spend on paint jobs creating all kinds of Sega cars such as Sega Rally, Scud Race cars and even you with your many Daytona USA 2 cars. Since it's been on xbox 360 it's 100% all about the Community. It's the community that makes the game it is, not the retail disc version.

There are many, many, many, many Sega related items in Forza as there are Master Chief Halo items. One has 4 wheels, one is Ferrari and the other is a space shooter.

Forza, you make the game your own. Where Dreams are Driven as stated by Mircrosoft now.

Nuffs enough bud, as I was saying to noobsaibot... as soon as something comes along like Daytona USA it's business like normal. We don't help our self's.
XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: isamu

7 years ago#9
Well we *could* all migrate to the SuperModel forum.


It's all Sega related and we can post what we want there. There's quite a few great posters and topics, but it's not overcrowded and things are really nice and simple. Bart's the only moderator and is also the developer of super model. Consider it guys. It's a great forum :)
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User Info: model3

7 years ago#10
supermodel, neoGAF, etc.

anywhere is cool, just let us know where!

The other one i suggested before is the sega.com forums, they are a cool spot that I think would allow us to chat freely; plus maybe get some exposure to sega employees or marketing!

XBL & PSN: AM2Model3
DaytonaUSA XBLA/PSN AfterburnerClimax XBLA/PSN L.A.Machineguns Wii
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