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  3. Daytona USA Port For Real?????

User Info: Eric43

8 years ago#1


Non-Profit Sega Racing Game Blog! Wildly Intriguing:

User Info: teehee23

8 years ago#2
Please let it be true.
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User Info: isamu

8 years ago#3
This on the heels of this video:


....is making my day!!
OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: VirtuaRacing

8 years ago#4
Just sent this to Darth Sol, remembering I do NOT wish to know if he is or not!!


You're not??? I hope you are!!!! :)


You don't have to say anything but please hear this. If you are then please allow us
to set our own button config for gears. You know Daytona USA is all about the gears
so to have 1st on X, 2nd on A, 3rd on Y and 4th on B is the general idea.

With out this option any port of Daytona USA is wasted I'm sure you know.

haha! Ignore this message steve, but just in case I wanted to get in there quick.

XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: Ikaruga_DC

8 years ago#5
HOLY !!!!

Please god let this be true!!!!!

I want this converted by sega japan as well not sumo.

Only trouble with sumo is that when sega helps them port games (outrun 2) its 60fps but when they work on there own (sega rally online, sega superstars tennis, sasasr) its 30 fps.

Anyway. I am so stoked.
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User Info: Noobsaibot_21

8 years ago#6
Oh god, Model 3 is going to combust :)
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User Info: Outrun2

8 years ago#7
If they release it on a disc I will buy it, it's against my religion to be paying for downloads. :-)

User Info: VirtuaRacing

8 years ago#8
This just in from Darth SOL,

I will leave it at that...


News to me...

I’ll go have a dig and see what I can find out...but if it’s true, it’s not a SUMO project, lord knows we’ve been trying for ages to secure that one.

Wonder if it’s the same folk who did Afterburner Climax. It’ll be SEGA Racing Classic if they have, since they don’t have the rights to the Daytona name (which’ll mean it won’t have ‘the’ music – unless they’ve managed to blag it some how...)

XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: model3

8 years ago#9
WOW news!!
I'm going ballistic here!!

First Sega says VF5:FInalShowdown, and now SegaRacingClassic/or DaytonaUSA!!??

I thought AfterburnerClimax was huge, this is good stuff!!

Thanks VR for checking with Sol, sounds to be coming out of SegaJapan.
I'm a little sad that Sega wouldn't commission SumODigital to do more of these

As we all expected, SegaRacingClassic was our prediction, but the ratings news
says "daytona USA" so that is even cooler!

speculation abound as to what this game has inside:

only daytona usa 1, the model2 classic, as is?
Sega Racing Classic, the arcade emu of the model 2 classic?
no daytona usa 2 content?
not Daytona usa sega saturn emulation?
not daytona usa 2001 dreamcast emulation?
is it a daytona compilation game with daytona1,2,and other content, or just daytona1?

time will tell, but I get a feeling its going to be daytona 1 and or SRC.

Which, while only at 3 tracks in HD is enough for us, but since they are opening
this vault, it would be appreciated by us all to include the daytona2 content.

the best version would be daytona1&2 content, of course we'll take daytona1 as is.
and in another planet, it would also have scudrace in there as well.

either way, its a must buy and i'll be happy!
(we have supermodel and model2 emu as our backup)

hopeful this is a 2012 release!!
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User Info: model3

8 years ago#10
noob, i'm on fire and fully combusted like a blown up death star!! this is awesome sega news for a friday, wonderful way to start off the weekend amid all the new TGS2011 game news!!

Awesome Sega! you still care about us fans once in a while. = )
XBL & PSN: AM2Model3
AfterburnerClimax XBLA/PSN! L.A.Machineguns Wii! RazingStorm+DeadstormPirates PS3Move!
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