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User Info: VirtuaRacing

12 years ago#1
I took a good amount of pictures, some your see here and I could of taken a 1001 more but Ferrari took our camera's away!!

We had to sign a non-disclosure agreement because we spent most of our time on a TOUR of the Factory!!!!! We are not allowed to talk about it. It was epic tho!!!!!! We have to respect that almost everything we looked at with 4 wheels around the many tour's of the Ferrari Empire belong to Ferrari clients. No can do!!

We arrived at the hotel in the very small hours, around 12:30 and we could see the Ferrari Factory on the other side of the hotel.

The view outside our hotel window. Not much in the way of sleep, but we were woken up around 07:30am by the sounds of V8 & V12 engines - the bass of the noise was a smile moment every time. We could not see the cars, but you could guess it was people going about their business first thing in the morning.

There is where we stayed. The Maranello Palace which faced the Ferrari Factory.

Here is that night shot again, but now at 08:30am. Just to the left of the picture is a round about on the main road.

Awesomeness that was on the round about. :)

Outside the Galleria Ferrari.

Here is our Tour Bus that drove us to each location we visited around Ferrari Empire.

My woman Jean & Luisa from Sega who speaks Italian, which was very handy under the Galleria Ferrari Prancing Horse.

Me under the Ferrari Prancing Horse at the Galleria - AVIT haha! :)

Inside and the first Ferrari we see was FAST!!

This next one the screen did not work. It took a while to get into it and 5 times longer to get out of it! It just did not feel right being sat inside it and no way could I drive one of this for real.

Enzo Ferrari

F50 - My first I saw with my own eyes, by the end of the day I had seen 5!!!

Dino - We see a couple of these. None on the road mind.

Testarossa - note it only has one wing mirror! To the left is Kevin from Sega (White shirt on).

Ferrari F40 - not the one in the picture, but we did see one that had 1.5 miles on the clock. It looked mint as if they had only made it yesterday!!!! There was not one mark on the engine from age or use!

The new F458 Italia - awesome looking ride and time for an New OutRun me thinks! ;-)


User Info: VirtuaRacing

12 years ago#2
This was it, 'the' moment of moments, one of many in fact but still a Sega fans dream. Ferrari F355 Challenge here I am AVIT LaRgE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

To prove I was there. This was right in front of a T-junction and the road is busy. An F458 Italia went past, many F430's about ect, just not in this shot...

The other side of the road of the main Ferrari Factory gate is the Ferrari Shop. It was at this point that a lady representative from Ferrari handed me this MEGA sized bag of Ferrari stuff!! I was a bit lost for words and did not look inside until later! It was heavy and I was thinking how on earth was I going to get this lot home. :)

Here is the Restaurant on the other side of the road and also a cross the road from the Ferrari main Factory gate. Me and the woman played it a bit safe and had a mixed grill. The food was excellent 10/10.

Luisa & Keven from Sega who took us on this Beautiful Journey! I know it may not look like much from all these pictures but it's was a very fast tracked day and the Factory Tour was the biggest slice of everything of the adventure and so much has to been skipped because of the non-disclosure agreement. It's was an awesome day we will never forget and then some!! :)

Last of all here are some of the goodies I was given from Ferrari - they said around £1000 worth of ferrari stuff. The dark blue exclusive hoody is crazy, I have never felt a leather coat this heavy and is really, really nice with only Ferrari text on the front, what you see is the back. A signed photo of Kimi Raikonnen (left), Felipe Massa (right) and your have to forgive as I don't follow f1 like I used to but some dude in the middle! Folders, bags, Books, Ferrari passes, tour stuff, F1 cars, F1 team cap ect...

All in all it was ACE!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
It is going to take a couple of days to get over it and even now I am still feeling it! I feel sorry for kev who has to go back to work today!! I am worn out from it all and so is the woman. :)

I need to pick the kids up soon from their nan's. we got a couple of things for them aswell. belss them. :)

For now big cheers to Sega, Sumo, Spence and all you true OutRun followers. Had a wicked time guys. Feels like I want to cry ect.. Crazy!!!!! Need a real cup of coffee now and try and relax lol. Cheers!!! :)

User Info: Noobsaibot_21

12 years ago#3
I dont know how you were able to walk properly ;-)

Green with envy is how I would describe everyone (Including myself) here. Awesome stuff :)
King....... Of the kingdom of "Other Europe"

User Info: MrMFloyd

12 years ago#4
"The bloke in the middle" is Stefano Domenicali, current team boss of the Ferrari F1 Team.
XBL : Mr Mumtaz

User Info: Outrun2SP

12 years ago#5

Hahaha, you had to take your copy of Outrun: 2006 with you. Awesome picks buddy, it looks like you had a great time.

I guess it pays to play Outrun: 2006 :D

User Info: HeyPeterMan

12 years ago#6
I really would have cried !
"Were here for a good time, not a long time." Colin McRae

User Info: model3

12 years ago#7
awesome stuff F40 / VR!!!

I'm glad u had a great time!!

XBL & PSN: AM2Model3
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User Info: Eric43

12 years ago#8
Wow, really nice pics! Like the ones with the OR2006 game, also the one sitting in the Formula 1 car was epic. Glad you had a great time.
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

12 years ago#9
Cheers guys! :)

Just to follow up on a couple of things...

It was good to look back at the Ferrari F355 Dreamcast Intro. The camera starts at the Ferrari Restaurant and pans over to the Factory gate. It's great to see it, not 100% perfect but more than perfect for what it was trying to achieve of the Ferrari greatness, I mean the text just before the video starts says it all - before MSR started mapping cities from around the world! :)

Whats even more wicked is that the walls of the arch you go under it also has the NO PHOTO sign in the game version!!! =)


If you know anyone with a PS3 who has Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and is also online there is a Ferrari History (factory) Part 1 video which is around 15mins long. It's all in Japanese (english text) and has the main Producer of the GT5 game looking around the factory and testing the Ferrari 599. This video you will have to pay for, but much you will see is very recent. ;-)

There was a moment when they said the could not have the Ferrari licence in the early years but failed to say Sega owned it haha! ;-)

Worth a look, nothing on YouTube of it.

Part 2 is not out yet.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

12 years ago#10
Kev at Sega must of been busy but part one of his side of the story is on the UK Sega Blog.


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