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User Info: Bosuonparedo

12 years ago#1
It seems that the only sites which have this game for sale are online wholesalers. I had to get my copy off eBay.

Great game by the way - 4 types of puzzles, each with 400 puzzles available. For the two games which require word input, you can either write or tap an onscreen keyboard. (I switched to keyboard right away so I don't really know how the handwriting recognition is.) The keyboard's buttons are big enough that even my worn-out touchscreen can handle it, and the word search puzzles and Hidato use pretty big grids too, so no problems there. (Although Hidato can also be done solely with the buttons if you want. Also it looks like all the Hidato puzzles are 8x12. A bit of a bummer, but it's still nice to be able to play it on the DS in the first place.)
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