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User Info: Fitranmaru

1 year ago#1
Time is Money

Okay. This all the Cw Cheat is verry simple.\

_S ULUS-10458
_G Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley[US]

_C0 Stop Time
_L 0xE1010002 0x004B94C1
_L 0x30100006 0x004B94C1
_L 0xE1010000 0x004B94C1
_L 0x30100008 0x004B94C1
_C0 01:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0000699F
_C0 02:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0000D317
_C0 03:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00013CFF
_C0 04:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0001A65F
_C0 05:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x000210C3
_C0 06:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x000278D0
_C0 07:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0002E334
_C0 08:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0003B643
_C0 09:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0003B58B
_C0 10:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00041F03
_C0 11:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x000488FF
_C0 12:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0004F233
_C0 01:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00055B77
_C0 02:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0005C543
_C0 03:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00062E83
_C0 04:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00069843
_C0 05:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x000701FB
_C0 06:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00076AE7
_C0 07:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0007D4DC
_C0 08:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00083E2B
_C0 09:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x0008A7D7
_C0 10:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00091153
_C0 11:00 PM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00097ABF
_C0 12:00 AM
_L 0x204B94C8 0x00000000

_C1 Inf hold item (slot 1)
_L 0x004D336E 0x00000063
_C1 Inf hold item (slot 2)
_L 0x004D3372 0x00000063
_C1 Inf hold item (slot 3)
_L 0x004D3376 0x00000063
_C1 Inf hold item (slot 4)
_L 0x004D337A 0x00000063
_C1 Inf hold item (slot 5)
_L 0x004D337E 0x00000063

_C1 Weather Sunny
_L 0x004B94DC 0x00000000

_C0 Inf Fatigue
_L 0x104F3256 0x00000000
_C0 Infinite Stamina
_L 0x20097C00 0x24050064
_L 0x20097C90 0xA4803256
_C1 Inf Horse Stamina (only brown horse)
_L 0x204D2D24 0x00030D40

_C1 Max heart dog and horse
_L 0x004C674E 0x000000FF
_L 0x004F92CD 0x000000FF
_C1 Max Chicken Heart
_L 0x804F874D 0x00060068
_L 0x000000FA 0x00000000
_C1 Max Cow Heart
_L 0x804F8D8D 0x00050070
_L 0x000000FA 0x00000000

This is cheat for max all character heart. Verified by me!
All character in there except Ponta.
_C1 Louis
_L 0x104F3AB6 0x0000015E
_C1 Parsely
_L 0x104F3ACC 0x0000015E
_C1 Bob
_L 0x104F3AE2 0x0000015E
_C1 Tim
_L 0x104F3AF8 0x0000015E
_C1 Joe
_L 0x104F3B0E 0x0000015E
_C1 Kurt
_L 0x104F3B24 0x0000015E
_C1 Woody
_L 0x104F3B3A 0x0000015E
_C1 Wallace
_L 0x104F3B50 0x0000015E
_C1 Ronald
_L 0x104F3B66 0x0000015E
_C1 Martha
_L 0x104F3B7C 0x0000015E
_C1 Rudolph
_L 0x104F3B92 0x0000015E
_C1 Nac
_L 0x104F3BA8 0x0000015E
_C1 Flak
_L 0x104F3BD4 0x0000015E
_C1 Charles
_L 0x104F3C00 0x0000015E
_C1 Renton
_L 0x104F3C16 0x0000015E
_C1 Nic
_L 0x104F3BBE 0x0000015E
_C1 Chester
_L 0x104F3C42 0x0000015E
_C1 Zann
_L 0x104F3C58 0x0000015E
_C1 Marina (HG)
_L 0x104F3C6E 0x0000016E
_C1 Lyla
_L 0x104F3AA0 0x0000015E
_C1 Dia
_L 0x104F3A8A 0x0000015E
_C1 Gina
_L 0x104F3A5E 0x0000015E
_C1 Aurelia
_L 0x104F3C2C 0x0000015E
_C1 Gwen
_L 0x104F3A74 0x0000015E
_C1 Katie
_L 0x104F3A48 0x0000015E

Good Luck! :)
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