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User Info: RoyisROFL

7 years ago#1
I just purchased this for $25 on Amazon, mostly out of love for the series. I've heard that there's the subscription based online mode, and an offline mode. How extensive is the offline mode? I've heard it's rather short, and wanted to get maybe an estimate on how much there is to do in this offline mode.
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User Info: IqarP15

7 years ago#2
The first part of the game is up to level 10. When the main character dies and ascends the game switches to either staying on the main character in which you choose between the 5 or 6 races I forget how many. Or you can go into the extended offline mode which the main character's sibling takes over and goes from I'm assuming level 1 to 20. There isn't a whole lot that the sibling does that helps the main character after they turn into one of the other races. Offline mode is probably 5-10 hours at the most but I've never played extended.
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User Info: CranberryPSO

7 years ago#3
Allow me to answer this one.

Okay, offline mode first begins with the tutorial. The game starts with you controlling your main character. The level cap is level 10 in the tutorial

Let's assume you've never played the game before and take some time to look around and explore a bit, and save up some money for the items in the shop. The tutorial can take you about 3 hours or so if you are not rushing through it.

Once the tutorial is complete, you can begin the extended offline campaign. You begin at level 3 for the extended campaign, and the level cap here is level 20.

There are 7 shrines in the extended offline campaign. Of these 7 shrines, 4 of them are boss battles and 3 of them are areas for you to explore. Again, assuming you are playing for the first time and take some time to explore, round up alchemy ingredients, and complete the client request quests, the game will probably take you approximately 12 hours give or take.

Once you've completed the extended offline campaign, you can repeat any shrine and re-fight any boss except for the last boss. There's no extra post-game content though.

If you have any more questions I am happy to answer. My Offline Mode Walkthrough up in the FAQs section also covers the whole offline game..
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