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User Info: ernieforss

7 years ago#1
i want to get it but i dont want to play $15 a month.
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User Info: Bloodyrose1985

7 years ago#2
From everything I have been hearing, you only have to pay for it in Japan every where else is free to play online.
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User Info: xenosaga123

7 years ago#4
It's hard to say because Japan costs are higher than western costs. So a dollar version of its fee would be hard to gauge. Maybe if they localize it, it would be equivalent to $12.

but free to play would not be a good thing for this because it brings down the server and update quality, and longterm values.

"Free to play is basically the death of quality for MMORPGs. It's all about reducing the game to it's most basic state, focusing on the addictive qualities and steering you towards paying. Free-to-play is like crack.

Without a guaranteed influx of money, the developer is forced to put in the least amount of time and work necessary to maximize profits. It just needs to get the job done, without a lot of room for what makes those games special in the first place. Where's the incentive to make ANYthing awesome for free? It's not like you're going to pay them for it... so why not get you hooked then steer you into the cash shop.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Same goes for F2P and quality, support, creativity, etc. There's a whoooole lotta trash out there thanks to that free to play model.

I don't get why it's so ridiculous to pay per month for a high quality game you like. It is a service, a never ending game, something fun you want to be a part of. Like anything else, you can pay to continue. Ongoing support, constant game updates, never ending content.... Unlike a game you pay $60 bucks for once (then another 60 in DLC?), play for 10 hours, and shelf.
It's a service, like electricity, website membership, or your cell phone.... "

Now I wonder if the broke people who whine about MMOs having monthly fees will understand this...

besides a good MMO will save you money... when I played FFXI.. i bought other new games when they came out but never played them because I was too busy playing FFXI.. for example I had disgaea 1 and star ocean 3 on US launch date and never played them until 2008 because all my gaming was consumed by FFXI..

so if I coulda resisted the urge to buy new games (since i wouldnt play em anyway).. Id say 15 bucks month is a LOT cheaper than 50 bucks a month on a new game every month."


It all depends on how you look at it.
With an MMO (when I played FFXI for 5+ years), I generally don't buy as many games as I would if I wasn't playing it.
$144 a year, versus what I normally spend on new games, depending on how many releases that I want, $300+.

Plus say you drop $20 for an evening at the movies once a month, and that's 2 hours or so of entertainment, for $12 you get 24 hours of entertainment that's always on.
It costs money to maintain the servers, supply constant updates and patches, expansions, etc.

They've lost however much money pretty much remaking it from the ground up, they do need to recoup their costs."
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