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User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#11
The First Stronghold -

Now it is time for the tutorial to end and the game to begin. This will be the first real war that will involve a lot of fighting. I find the easiest way for this one is to walk right up to Virconium or London if Christian, and attack during Autumn. This will leave only one turn for the enemy to move a counter on the stronghold and then give winter to recruit additional soldiers.

It is almost guaranteed you will be fighting two battles right after another so it's important to keep casualties low, especially during the first battle. Stronghold battles have some rather easy tactics though so that's on our side.

Move your archers with Balan together towards the city planning to situate them right below the small forest by the road using the wall as a screen for cavalry. Balan guards the archers from curse of shadows with his Magic Resist ability. I have Kay and Mark fill the road with a close formation blocking entrance to the archers from that direction.

Light Cavalry are sent for the far right VL, and Gareth is sent forward with infantry reserves behind Kay. As the enemy funnels down towards you their forces will get bottlenecked into perfect curse of shadow strikes. Be sure to land them. If the enemy casts Venomous Curse (Which you are going to see a lot of nowadays) Counter with a Last Stand on that unit ASAP. If it's Gareth who gets Venomed, start pulling him back because he can't escape the cavalry with the slow. If it's your light cavalry, let them finish with the VL then move them out of range.

One of those two cavalry units will be travelling behind the enemy on the back roads towards the other VL's depending on which isn't hurt. If both are hurt you may want to tough it out and not send them in as they risk high casualties if hit by another spell and will be too far out for Last Stand.

Don't forget Fog and Dragon eyes, but be sure to review enemy knights spells as them having Dragon Eyes can cause problems though typically you can cast fog early (60 seconds early almost right at the start of match) and the enemy may attempt to cast Dragon Eyes despite not being in range yet.

Last and not least, the VL's here are all cloud arrows so be sure to move archers into the spell range ( I used the welsh bowman since they have innate magic resistance in case of hero spells)

*tip* Standing stones, Near the stronghold there is almost always an enemy knight group hanging out, it is far preferable to let them come attack you at the stronghold as opposed to sallying forth at them unless absolutely necessary. I would go so far as to abandon the stronghold and let them in to attack them again. Fighting an enemy on standing stones is near suicidal as the enemy is given double the mana essentially as if they are beside dragon bones the entire battle. While we do have a really good defensive build with our heroes, it is not yet capable of withstanding a barrage of that proportion.

The defensive battle of this will be either at a random locale, or the stronghold depending on if you own the whole province. (which is unlikely with our current stratagem.)

It's okay if you have heavy casualties in this fight since you will have 2 months to recover, but in the meantime some provinces may be lost by the enemy so you will be chasing after them, but it's not bad to lose a province here and there since it has no permanent negative aspects, unlike having your knights grievously wounded. The battle tactics for the defense works just like the others.
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6 years ago#12
Campaign Management -

Focus on capturing whole provinces of the enemy and attacking their biggest forces to get them to stop running around and get this area all under control. Do not start the vision, the merlin or the cadaroc quest until this is all handled as they trigger other events that will require immediate attention as well.

There will probably be a few random battle/trade/disaster quests appearing on your map with time limits. Some can be left, others must be attended as soon as possible.

As for research, I focused on improving my archers all the way to deepwood but it will be many years before the research is done, and then the rest of the research into the kingdom one that is about 4 rows down and increases research in Camelot by 50%.

Regarding construction, you can build whatever you want but I suggest the following buildings.

Academy - Skill points and research!
Old Tree / Church - Old Faith / Christian choice
Virtuous Ward / Keep - Rightful / Tyrant choice
Anvil - Improved military and chance of artifacts
Tourney - Improved military drafting

Try to keep all knights within 1 level of each other if possible, whether it be by sending specific people to the xp / season place or having them lead the adventure quests or make sure they get a little bit more action in battle then the other units.

I lowered taxes to 25% and activated both Monopoly and Forced Labour laws. If you find you have a lot of casualties and need to recruit often forced labour should be turned off, but with the Setup I have currently and hopefully you do to, we should be having no problems with our current income.

The Vision -

Once all that is done, and the forces are ready to go with no pressing disaster, it is time for the Vision quest. It's a pretty easy adventure, beware you may need increased fight or you may become wounded, and careful with dealing with the church as you can accidentally earn christian faith by being rightful here. But otherwise simple. This quest does not give a new quest tracker and is a skippable quest which most people don't even know it exists, but for the sake of completion we will be doing it when the time comes. For now we move towards King Edwards lands and West Mercia, stopping to do the Lost Children quest on the way over.

The Lost Children -

This is another easy adventure however there is a riddle involved that can be missed and you'll end up staring at a door. By talking to the little girl in this mission you find out the answer to the cellar door is Red - Bird - Flower from her ruby hawk lily conversation. We aren't going to do the follow up on this yet as the adventure mission that comes next for it requires some high stats and it will be there for us later.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#13
War with King Edward -

In order to do the Dagonet quest as well as to continue with the Vision Quest we will need to take over West Mercia which due to lack of diplomatic options means war with King Edward.

This war however will be over in only a couple battles since he owns a single province. In these battles there wasn't anything really new, Edwards knights typically have Curse of Shadows / Dragon Eyes or Cleave /Dragon Breath.

Balan should take watch over your archers as per usual. Gareth scouts out VL's along with the other cavalry and cast spells as soon as he gets in range and move your main forces into the woods and wait for the enemy. Masterful Tactics and Wall of Steel are getting to the point that while in woods archers in horde formation are able to take shots without dying right away from enemy archers. Troops are dying less and less with the only real dangerous thing being instant kill spells such as dragon's breath and crystal shards but we will work on that.

Due to the randomness of artifacts and experience, my Knights may be different then yours but I will discuss some team options and stats again now. Units are no longer set, as I change most people into heavy cavalry when they are falling behind experience wise.

Sir Kay -

Fog of Avalon 1, Masterful Tactics 4, Wall of Steel 4. Stats into magic till he had 200 mana, 80 for fog and 2 masters, though now master is only being cast once because of how long a duration it has, and due to the way circle area works, it now encompasses my entire army if in close formation. The Wall of Steel can give enough resistance that it is similar to a Last Stand for the entire army that does not end but does not give magic resistance, instead it gives increased damage and wedge of steel will be next to focus on.

Alternative options - Common choices include cloud of arrows which triples the dps of an archer, excellent spell but offers limited direct combat utility ( Masterful tactics will increase all damage by 120% as we boost it plus the defensive and it's for everyone with a single cast. Magic Resistance is also an alternative even one point has it's value as the cooldown is so long it will be a single cast situation, though I prefer Last Stands for the range, allowing me to buff my cavalry with MR from far away. Kay can't learn last Stand though so it's viable for him.

King Mark -

Guardian Angel 2, Dragon's Breath 1, Rage 1, Last Stand 2, Faith Armour 2. Stats mostly into fight and some magic but no real goal in mind just yet. Rage and Faith gives a passive 30% MR, Last Stands lasts 60 seconds and adds another 50%, and Guardian Angel makes immune to physical attacks. Again, I focus defense before offense but essentially Mark's troops are very difficult to kill. He also has the phoenix helm which causes him and his unit to regenerate slowly, so if his defense is high enough he can truly be invincible... except to instant kill spells.

Alternative options - Due to his current point setup Dragon's Breath would be acceptable for a more offensive nature, and invisible shield is also debatable. With haste perk cavalry and an invisible shield he can crash into archer ranks the way cavalry are supposed to but it's risky getting tied up and surrounded if too deep.
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6 years ago#14
Sir Gareth -

Dragon Eyes 2, Curse of Shadows 2, Dragon Breath 1, Gift of Avalon 1, Arcane Vitality 4(may not be called that it's the 10% mana increase skill) Everything into magic. We are trying to get his mana pool as high as possible for now since without it, his usefulness in a battle ends very quickly. I usually send him on Light Cavalry directly towards the enemy casting Curse of Shadow pot shots at the enemy archers. I find rank 2 is enough for regular bowmen/brigands/longbowmen but Seelie and Welsh magic resistance makes it pointless for them. Even so I don't see the value of higher ranks currently as the duration increase doesn't help much with the enemy marching through and multiple accurate casts are more valuable then a few powerful ones. Plus we want to save mana for Dragon Eyes. invaluable spell, sometimes the enemy casts a fog of their own so I always save enough mana for this spell even if not using the fog myself. 60 seconds is usually more then enough time to decimate the forces but 30 seconds is not enough so one point is worth it, plus it reduces it's mana cost.

Alternative Options -

The biggest debates here are Curse of Shadows, Spell Weaving and Hold. I do recommend putting more points into Curse of Shadows but only as enemies start surviving in large numbers, if 6/48 bowmen get away the damage they can do is minimal. If 40/48 live and all have 10-15% health (detailed info strategic setting) then it needs a boost.

Spell Weaving is a mixed bag, you will need to be up close and personal which usually means not charging right out and saving the mana for extra kills. If cavalry could actually survive (with invisible shield perhaps) you could charge in casting Curse on archers and absorbing their mana but it would be dangerous due to it's aoe nature (not sure if can hit self will test) but the rewards could be infinite mana. 48 people die to a 75 mana Curse of Shadows, making it an extremely cost efficient spell in this style. However, it leaves enemy archers alive longer so more work and risk to your own archers. Dragon's breath is safer but less effective in mana regeneration but enough investment could see good returns.

The last thing being the hold spell, a 2 minute freeze in place is the ultimate champion hero crowd control, Allowing you to pummel him at your leisure with arrows and keep a safe distance from deadly cleaves and dragon's breaths. While I don't find the enemy heroes dangerous enough with my excessive last stand and faith and rage magic resistances and armour to worry about the enemy attacking, it is still an amazing spell for a single point.

Sir Balan -

Cleave 4, Mighty Blow 2, Rage 2, Last Stand 1, Magic Resistance 1. Stats into fight with the occasional magic. Balan is almost pure offense with some defensive cooldowns if necessary. He has magic resist if the archers he is guarding get cursed, he has Last Stand if for some reason Marks is down already or if he is about to engage the enemy and the rest goes to cleave. I try to have enough mana for 2 cleaves bu only one if he has to pop the magic resist. I also gave Balan the Sword of Pendragon artifact which is a set reward from breaking the curse and gives +2 cleave after it kills 300 soldiers giving a level 6 Cleave. Balan cuts through forces like butter, especially with mighty blow and the damage bonus from masterful tactics.

Alternate Options - Due to 3 in cleave he is pretty much already on a set path so there aren't many alternatives you could take for him. Faith and Guardian Angel are always an option but I prefer the utility of Last Stand and Rage to increase cleave strikes. You could sacrifice Mighty Blow or Rage points towards a 1 point utility in his spells, but his mana is already quite limited so giving him more options doesn't mean he'll get to do them all.
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6 years ago#15
That's it for this small session of the round table. Back to that war with King Edward. I assaulted the city closes to the Dagonet quest first then visited the quest before completing the occupation of this province. It is important to realize not to do the quest about Cardoc as it is actually a very large Christian chain quest started and it has nothing to do with the vision quest despite being directly in the spot the hermit is said to have been last seen at.

Dagonet -

Sir Dagonet wants you to walk through his maze and find the treasure and if you succeed you can have his treasure or he will work with you. The maze is tricky when you don't know what's going on. Essentially the secret is the red signs always lie, and the black signs always tell the truth and there is always a door you came from. So if you pick the north door, the south door in the new options is the one you just came from. Follow the black signs, do the opposite of the red and you will get through the maze very quickly. At which point you will be asked what King Arthur stands for as a King, and your decision will change the rewards. I chose the peace and safety for the people and Dagonet joins along with 2 artifacts equipped.

I rob him of the armour to give to gareth as it gives 1 mana / every 10 secs. Making his rather large pool we gave him slightly replenishing. It now benefits Gareth even more to be on light cavalry because the faster he can rush forward to the enemy area and cast a spell the faster he starts regenerating mana and it takes almost 10 minutes to earn enough mana for an extra spell so we want to get to it right away.

*Warning* Sir Dagonet has an interesting loyalty issue in that he loves artifacts and any spot on his body that doesn't have an artifact isn -2 loyalty. I handed him most of my useless artifacts since I won't be using him just yet and sent him to go to a level up zone hidden deep in my lands and safe. I did steal his Summerborn heavy Infantry though.

His abilities are really neat but not useful for us due to poor synergy with the design the team is going for, but we don't want to dedicate him to reign since his fiefdom abilities are pretty poor except for old faith promotion and don't want him to age out if left without any experience.

After you occupy West Mercia, the war will be over and it will be time to go find the hermit. As per usual, make sure all your knights are about even level (Dagonet doesn't count just yet, but do what you can for him) replenish all your troops and move into the city north of West Mercia in Bedegraine Forest and the secret mission will appear right beside it.
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6 years ago#16
The Vision (cont'd) -

Alright, this adventure quest requires a good deal of fight to complete, and is quite dangerous. The Unseelie do not speak, so any attempt to speak to the autumnborns will result in combat so keep that in mind with your options in what to do. once inside the tower be sure to stop by the alcove for the amulet and upstairs for the sword. The artifacts weren't exceptional, but they have trade value or handover to Dagonet for his future knights and loyalty.

With the hermit saved the next mission is going to be rough depending on your opinions of the unseelie, head on home to Cornwall doing any random missions you find to get experience and prevent disaster from striking your land, but do not do any of he main quests just yet as we need to get this done.

You may have noticed a chapter 3 quest here and there particularly the Knights of The Round quest. Do your very best to avoid any chapter 3 quest yet as it is possible to have multiple chapters running at the same time and this can cause unexpected difficulties that could ruin your economy by forcing you to battle so often you cannot leave your lands as all you do is fight and recruit new troops. Especially if you plan on doing this next battle.

The Dragon Heart -

Don't bother with adventure boosting artifacts for this one as it won't matter much, especially if you plan on doing the battle inside. The Unseelie have come to take your dragon heart, but since that's not available since Merlin already stole it, the Unseelie sorceress will accept 500 babies as penance. Or you can face her in glorious combat.

While the opponent only has one hero, she is level 21 and has a superior force by far. I'd like to say I am a rather competent commander but in this battle casualties were around 20-30%. Try your best not to entirely lose a unit as it's better to withdraw with 5 soldiers into the woods then it is to let it reach 0.

The map is set.
Deploy your forces by the woods and road just north of your location. Archers should be in the second section of forest, just on the other side of the road. Reserve infantry in the back woods. Kay in the center, Mark on the left wing and Balan on the right wing with Gareth rushing forward and hiding in the woods. The enemy is very magic resistant and deadly efficient and fast in the woods, so it's difficult for him to do much, you can either curse of shadows autumnborns since they are the only ones without magic resistance or you can try and dragon's breath the unseelie archers.

Next step is to know thy enemy. She is going to march towards you through the woods and the moment her archers come into range of your archers, she is going to cast nightfall. All of the enemy soldiers that had rank have the night sight perk allowing them to see through night and fog by 50% meaning her archers can outrange all yours, except when you use dragon eyes. However she also has the dragon eyes spell. I recommend turning fire at will off on your archers and wait until the enemy moves in a fair amount more then usual before launching the ambush. You need to draw the unseelie archers in as much as possible because they will run away to a safe range if you let them.

As soon as the arrows start to fly pop Masterful Tactics. With Wall of Steel 4 and Horde formation your archers can survive a pelting from the unseelie but it still hurts. Everyone else moves forward in shield wall formations and crash into enemy ranks. While tempting to rush your cavalry in now to deal with archers, the enemy has another set of archers in their reserve not yet committed to battle and they have a squad of Unseelie Warriors who I swear are invisible, but these 6 men/things can stop a squad of cavalry dead in it's tracks like you just hit a brick wall.
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6 years ago#17
The best option I find is to clear the unseelie archers that you can and then all the infantry, pulling your own archers back to the back row and adding the reserve infantry into the fight. When you are done with the enemy infantry, activate fog and use the increased hide range to get back into the woods forcing the enemy archers to come close again. The whole time the enemy is going to be raining arrows and their is very little you can do about it Other then spam and stack defensive cooldowns.

I tried chasing them but they are so fast, fast as horses, faster then horses in woods. Fast enough to run ahead turn and shoot back at you and keep running and there are no VL's here to chase them until the morale goes away. This is the time for the Hold spell if you picked it up, but it is a very expensive spell at 120 mana.

the Unseelie sorceress also has some offensive spells, and while curse of shadows will happen if your archers are caught in a stacked formation, the only spell I really find her casting is Crystal Shards, which is all she needs though as it tends to kill 90% of a unit. whoever gets hit will probably have to leave the rest of the battle or risk losing the unit.

I lost most of my cavalry, almost an entire unit of golden gryphons and Springborn and some light casualties. All around 100 soldiers died after a couple attempts at this level. It's hard, but we didn't have any other pressing matters and this is the secret quest that was skippable. You could also give the Unseelie your babies to avoid this battle. So replenish the troops and head up to the lost children quest where we will be beginning the big war with the Saxons / Welsh
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6 years ago#18
Random missions now pop up quite often and do what you can to either have the secondary group go take them out or pay them off while the main force focuses on important battles, this is mostly due to me spending a lot of time explaining the level up choices and balancing my army related to these 4 knights. The extra knights I leave to your discretion, but essentially they are used to maintain peace in your lands and sometimes help with taking over provinces by rapidly taking points on the campaign map over.

The Smiling Prince -

Work your way up to the next part of the Smiling Prince quest which is the one right by the stronghold and complete the adventure. It is a pretty basic quest in which you should try to avoid conflict if you want old faith reputation and agree to go see the Seelie knight. You can try to fight the witch but she is quite dangerous.so high stats are recommended.

Now the next part of this quest is in the welsh lands and we would have to go to war to enter their lands currently, or get an alliance with them and have safe passage. Which is exactly what we are going to do. Welsh will make a very good ally because they are right beside your stronghold making them terrible to go to war against, basically London Strongholds ally with the Saxons and Virconium allies with the Welsh for military positioning.

Merlin Returns -

The map is set
Compared to the unseelie hidden mission we just did, this battle will be considerably easier. The adventure basically gives you a few chances to backout of the alliance with the Welsh by allowing them to side with the Orkney or to destroy the Orkney and the Welsh. For our current objectives we need to make them allies so we will be destroying the Orkney forces.

You start in an almost perfect spot. Move the archers into the back woods and setup the ambush. I recommend Summerborn and Springborn forces be set up with a knight in fan formation being placed in the woods just in the woods edges, and having the rest of the knights around the woods in typical ambush formation. The reason for the fan is the amount of giants. Despite the unit race and name giants are very small units and it's easy for one to go unnoticed into the archer squads so the fan gives them a wide wall to catch them trying to slip in.

Gareth heads out and Curse of shadows the Viking archers, I found the enemy marched very slowly and even stopped on occasion letting perfect Curses go out and wreck the team. Having it at level 3 is very worthwhile at this point. They do have a very high level champion knight so either meet him with an invincible Mark or another knight with last stand and Masterful tactics going, though Masterful tactics should be affecting the whole team anyways.

A large majority of enemy archers never made it all the way over the mountain so archers will need to be manually controlled to fire into enemy ranks that are not engaged, being sure to keep a wary eye on the wargs since they are the only ones who can really break your ranks. Mark is also the best hero for fighting the giants due to the nature of his Guardian Angel ability, so you may send another knight after the enemies if you find the giants are doing to much damage.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

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6 years ago#19
After the battle ally with the Welsh and this will cause some new Chapter 2 quests to spawn and cases a war to break out with you and the Saxons, but there is a fairly large buffer of other kingdoms between the two of you which is why we chose our allies the way we did. This would be the perfect time to go finish the smiling prince however King Cynic is also going to declare war on you and he is right beside your southeastern cities.

Which brings us to priority decisions. Sometimes a lot is happening on the map and it's hard to decide what should be done first. After trying a few different ways and other sources aka the internet, it seems the general rule would be..

1 - Timed Missions of negative effects in provinces
2 - Wars with neighbors (Saxons are far away so not an immediate threat)
3 - Current Missions that do not have a checkmark
4 - New Mission or Timed Missions with no negative effects.

Most missions will lay dormant when they first appear but once you begin them can cause a chain of events and extra negative province issues, especially if multiple chapter quests are open. This is most commonly seen when people ask why there are so many ghosts/rebels/crusaders in their lands everywhere and the economy goes to hell in a handbasket very quickly.

War with Cynic -

After replenishing from the orkney battle march on down to get rid of King Cynic. It's one province, with 2 armies, not sure on the reasoning but it seems each province can support approximately 2 armies, it might be affect by economy or hidden limits as it seems a province has a general income of about 10X it's regular amount when the enemy owns it but as soon as you take it, it barely covers it's own costs. A very common theme in RPG's where the bad-ass enemy defeats your whole party but when they join you they are so bad they die from falling on their own sword.

The battles here are going to be varied as per usual so it's very difficult to give detailed tactical information on this but some of it is set. These forces act a lot like an upgraded version of King Edwards forces if you remember them. (They weren't very memorable) The enemy squads are well balanced with infantry/cavalry/archers and 2 knights. usually one champion and one sage. The Champion has Cleave and the Sage has the Curse, Eyes, and Breath. Mostly just protect your archers from curse and take over the VL's.

We really nip his war in the bud, as defeating him is simple but if left unchecked he can easily take your undefended lands over causing all sorts of problems. Now we can go do the Smiling Prince quest and finish it off, but I want to take a moment to discuss some supernatural problems your folks will almost be guaranteed to be having. It seems the Merlin quest is the initial trigger of this and we will be focusing on pushing through our quests until it stops, but you should have a battle available on a timed negative called Ghosts in the Mist.
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6 years ago#20
But before all that, time for another meeting at the round table!

The message board isn't the most conducive to writing a FAQ, but I write it both at home and at work so this is the only medium I have at both places. Slowly as I play the game and scour the internet for information on this game as it is quite limited I have been compiling, testing and inventing new strategies to see which ones work and I want to give some character guidance in development for those that need more detailed help.

My Knights average level is now 14.

Sir Kay - Fog of Avalon 1, Masterful Tactics 4, Wall of Steel 4, Wedge of Steel 4, Masterful Strategies 1(3), Magic Resistance 1

I have been limiting the amount of skill points I waste in Sir Kay's set up trying to save active abilities only for really important spells, and found an artifact that gave +2 to Masterful Strategies which made me realize just how awesome the ability is. Due to the tooltip, one would assume it meant 5% less casualties for your deceased, but it's based on total troops. So a 48 soldier squad would have 2-3 resurrected regardless of amount dead (I don't think it raises the dead beyond the starting point of that battle though.) So by raising this to 4, you can essentially lose 20% of any one unit and it will be replaced without cost at the end of the battle giving more leeway in committing the troops to a tougher engagement. I put a point into Magic Resistance so that Balan wouldn't be the only one with it and since Kay had the spare mana and Balan could use the extra mana for more cleaving it seemed a fair choice for now.

Alternative options - Still the cloud arrow debate, personally I regretted the point into Magic Resistance as I don't find I'm using it as often as I would use cloud arrows or healing. Healing was the secondary option, as my troops have very high defense with tactics and last stands the healing makes them keep regenerating and essentially invincible, plus it's a little more universal since it recovers damage regardless of physical or magical. Oh well, still debating, and still holding onto one free slot for ultimate skills.

King Mark - Armour of Faith 3(5), Dragon Strike 2, Guardian Angel 4, Rage 1, Last Stand 2, Enchanted Equipment 2, (Healing 2)

Mark is a Tank, with Guardian Angel he can fight giants or other large heavy damage units with no fear, making him also exceptionally good at dealing with enemy heroes as well. His base Magic Resist is 60% due to an armour artifact . So physically immune and extremely magic resistant. This lets him buff other units as need be with last stand or healing depending on cooldowns and the situation. I am working up his enchanted equipment because I am planning to convert my Knights to riding Champions and the arrow defense will be worthwhile.

Alternative Options - Invisible shield is getting more tempting to pick as I want to be able to ride across the map with just my 4 knights on heavy cavalry and wreck the enemy without dying from archer fire, but it's a mana drain for a short duration and doesn't protect everyone. I am not sure if the AI would just decide to target a person not under the shield, or waste effort attacking the invisible shield. I know when the enemy does it I change targets, as I am semi-competent. It's worth consideration, but I think the Enchanted Equipment is a better investment, it reduces ranged damage and increases physical damage done to all and is passive.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche
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