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User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#1
Hello dead board! I am just starting out in this game and having a blast as it's like Total War + Magic, and I figured there is no walkthrough and I am a bit bored so why not. Essentially I am going to cover most battles I encounter, different strategies I tried and hopefully it will help others looking for an actual guide. I will be following the Old Faith and Rightful paths as I go along.

Chapter 1 -

So the game starts out with it's cutscenes and typical fare and has an integrated tutorial. Always a mixed bag on that style as more experienced people usually hate redoing tutorial levels (e.g. Oblivion's New Game) while some others completely lack a tutorial or it's segregated and almost no one uses it. The tutorial is long, and very important in this game as it can make the difference in battle. I will also mention I am using the weaker archers option in the settings. The game originally overpowered archers to an unreasonable level and later added an additional setting to scale them back a bit, even so the damage is still very high.

I am not going to spend much time on the campaign map info, but I will mention hero set-ups and fiefdom assignments as we go. Moving forward though, carry through the steps until you start your first battle against the rebels.

Tutorial Rebel Battle 1 -

You'd think the game would start you off slow for the first level while it's teaching formation and other information but your troops are already at risk of dying here. The game has 3 archers and an infantry unit placed on the other side of the river just waiting to pick off your forces. Highlight the enemy archers and view their range (red dotted circular line) move your troops towards them but tay out of the range and change all your soldiers formations to horde. This is in essence the loose formation from the total war series, spreading out to reduce missile fire.

The next step is to cast your fogs of avalon spell. This will reduce all archers range by 50%. It says it reduces accuracy but I haven't felt a difference in how much damage they do. (i.e. Still fatal) But it clearly shows a reduction in their range as the red circles have been shortened considerably. I then charge each of my infantry into the enemy archers sending one unit individually after each archer unit, while sending the lead knight squad towards the middle group archers since that is where the enemies infantry will be joining the battle.

About 3 seconds or so before the units crash into each other you need to close up the formations and change the knight's formation to wedge and attack the enemy. If all things go as planned you should succeed. issues I have found with this is that the enemy archers focus fire down one of your units. Mine got away with 4 soldiers in the end, and the others were pretty much unscathed. I had him sit out the rest of the fight but depending on your success, you may continue to take him with you.

Next the game talks about stamina. After all that fighting your troops get tired and when tired they do less damage and weaker defenses. Let the troops rest either by fast forwarding time or marching slowly towards the last enemy, but keep a good distance between them for now as enemies are laying in wait in the woods by the enemy.

This part is pretty easy, I split my two infantry units on either side of the road and sent my knight squad ahead in regular formation. when the ambush comes, I fall back. you'll see the enemies have little tree icons on them showing an increased offensive ability for a short time due to the ambush. Basically run back to where your infantry are, switch back to wedge and charge with everyone. After that head down and finish the stage.
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User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#2
After the battle we go through some tutorial and are given a new objective to attack some more rebels in the area. Clearly this is a bad part of town.

Tutorial Rebel Battle 2 -

This one allows you to choose where the battle will take place. I chose the top option, I do not think they are random, but they could very well be. I had reloaded and tested the other maps and they were the same each reload but I don't know if the seed changes in the game per campaign or what have you.

Regardless, the battle should play out very similar to this. Today we are introduced to victory points, the map I had selected had 5 points. A cloud arrow in front, and a church and village far to the east with a last stand and village to the northwest. It's time to learn a bread and butter battle tactic that will be useful in many scenarios.

Move all your troops as close to the center VP as possible, with only the cavalry on the far east and deploy. Pause the game. (You don't have to pause but I find on initial deployment I want to send out all my orders instantly and then go from there.) Send the cavalry to the far away VP's away from the enemy. Send your main force towards the center VP. Move your archers into the woods facing towards the enemies. you want them covered with the tree icon on the card at the bottom showing stamina etc.. place the light infantry directly behind and beside them in the woods with your heavy infantry on one flank - flank into the woods if you can but not necessary, and your hero knight on the other flank - Also in woods if possible.

You need to make sure there are open plains between your archers and the max range so you don't end up wasting your ambush while the enemy is in trees. When the enemy approaches use your archers to specifically target the enemies archers. With the ambush bonus they should take out a very large section of them in a short amount of time. As soon as ambush bonus ends or the enemy is returning fire and it's taking lives. Pause the game.

This is when you add the fog from your knights spell. It reduces range so their archers can no longer shoot, but it affects yours as well. Move your archers back through the woods and move your infantry that were in the back into the archers old spots. Start moving the hero and heavy infantry towards the enemy. Fog also reduces the range you can be detected in woods. The enemies main force will continue forward to assault your archers but instead run into a secondary ambush of infantry, with heavy infantry on one side and the hero on another closing them in. Try to focus down the archers with your flanks if they are still alive, or send your cavalry if they have returned from taking the two side VL's yet.

This should be an extremely easy win, and casualties will be very minimal. Fogs of Avalon is your only spell right now but it is a very good one when utilized properly. However we will be learning about counters to it very shortly since this is the tutorial and all.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche
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User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#4
Now we have secured our first province! And we are given a new multiple choice quest. The options are not morally grey as I would have hoped based on the preliminary explanation of tyranny in this game. The reading of the Tyrant help info says something similar to "Being a Tyrant isn't necessarily evil, it means doing wht is necessary regardless of the cost to the common people" But the situation of saving or killing King Mark comes up more as "An evil aggressive king has attacked this poor sodden soul unprovoked and now slaughters his people without regard. Do you want to join in the slaughter or save the people?"

Can't be changed though, so we're helping King Mark. On this battle I choose the plains forest level with the villages and mill.

Saving King Mark -

This battle is almost copy and paste everything we did last time. Cavalry were sent out to the west by themselves towards VP's. Archers set up wth a half moon of light infantry around them all in the woods facing towards enemy with a good killing field. heavy infantry on the far side and hero on the nearest side (nearest to enemy approach). The only thing different in this battle is the enemy is going to have a hero, and that hero knows the dragon breath spell.

The dragon breath spell kills 25% of a unit. Instantly. Quite a powerful spell, but also quite mana costly. I find the best option is to have everyone hidden in the woods so they cannot be a target for the spell and let the cavalry take the burns from a far distance since they probably won't be involved in this fight much aside from VP's. Make sure your hero is in wedge formation and targeting the enemy hero and repeat the double ambush fog technique you learned in the last battle.

After this King Mark will be joining your group. He is a champion type knight meaning he specializes in direct combat and the abilities he has show that as well. He also comes with a few additional units who are very archer resistant, which is going to come in handy in the next battle.

I plan to focus more on battle tactics and what is available so a lot of campaign choices you make will be up to you. Technically this whole thing is up to you and you can change whatever you want anytime but I will go over some basics now about some campaign map things that should be considered.

Campaign Map -

Chances are you've already hit a winter phase and learned about levelling up and there are many schools of thought on this. Long haul options will give the most financial benefits but stronger units could reduce costs based on never needing replacements. No one can really decide for you as to what to get but I hear the economy becomes terribly difficult to manage in the later levels so I went with the Victorious Army first. I put points into leadership as well to reduce my upkeep costs as Sir Kay is going to be my main leading knight now and forever.

This doesn't make it the right choice though. Tactically speaking it could be one of the worst since it does nothing to improve military prowess. I also selected Masterful tactics with Wall of Steel later on as I was reviewing the spells and abilities and I will eventually have a way to negate enemy magic with sages, and I can negate physical damage this way. Make yourself invincible and the enemy has no choice but to lose! Plus the increased defenses means less casualties and as such, less replacement costs.

For soldiers I went with defense for all infantry, and archery for all archers. I considered the upkeep cost reductions but since it doesn't show an immediate benefit since we aren't paying upkeep yet, I skipped it.

Also, Fiefdoms. you can assign them to either hero, but for the time being I recommend Mark AFTER you do the mini-recruit quest since he gives bonuses to population and penalties to recruitment costs.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#5
Alright, mini-recruit quest. This will let you restore all your lost troops to full strength, though it charges extra to restore the cavalry at their 5 rank, it is worth it since they have the dodge skill. I considered re-doing the King Mark mission to put a less expensive unit into the dragon breath crossfire, but I figured that's getting a bit too nit-picky, but I am taking this time to mention it to kind of show how I try to evaluate every action made as to what is the best choice. Not an easy task to do for this type of combat game.

back to the recruiting though. This will be your only opportunity to recruit for 2-3 battles so again we have some consideration. Because I knew we were getting a 3rd hero with Sage abilities shortly I decided to make sure I had 2 empty spaces left in my army, but you will be able to change the groups around soon enough anyways it won't be that big of a deal if you hire some troops, however the new units are quite costly to hire. If you do hire anyone I recommend more archers to a total 4. Also I changed the main army connected to Sir kay to the same type as with King... err Sir Mark.

Now I am writing this part from memory, but you get another mission to help or kill another group to the east. I attacked the tyrant yet again in the south at his base which began he next battle and while i cannot recall precisely the Excalibur quest with the wounded knight may have appeared before this fight. If it does, you can do that part of it first if you want, especially if you have the 2 free slots since you'll get a new knight into the army, but the strategies below will not include him.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#6
Battle for Somerset -

So I chose the river forest 6 VP location for this battle. While typical principles remain the same, there are some interesting changes in this battle. For one the enemy has a spell called Dragon Eyes, which allows him to see through any weather condition, negating our classic fog ambush. Second, we have a new hero with some new moves.

I split my group into two, with light infantry, Sir Kay as the spearmen, and a cavalry unit positioned to the west. The archers, along with the heavy infantry and Sir Mark to the north east.

Taking the VP to the west is easy and after claiming it highlight to see it's range, and quickly move your cavalry to the next VP stopping to cast the buff before leaving the area circle of this one. The enemy sends their own cavalry the same way to get the VP so using the Last Stand buff gives your cavalry an advantage. Move your light infantry into the woods before the main crossing to the enemies 3 VP's, but do not cross just yet. Have Sir Kay kill the enemy cavalry. I usually have my own withdraw as soon as Sir Kay arrives since cavalry should never be left in prolonged combat.

On the other side move the archers into the woods making sure they can reach the enemy infantry on the other side but out of range of the enemy archers. Heavy infantry are going to take the VP here and hide in the woods. Sir Mark is going to be moving in SHIELD WALL formation to protect himself from arrows but even so still stay out of range. What you want to do here is have Sir Mark cast Guardian Angel, move into range of the enemy archers and once they shoot at Mark, move our archers all up to focus theirs down. If done well this side should be able to clear the archers on their side, and then move it's entire section as a whole carefully towards VP's or send a lone but careful unit. As enemies have a tendency to be in the woods.

Your light infantry and Sir Kay should be ambushing enemies that cross over, and eventually only a few archers will be left. Either out VP them till they go away, or charge with the cavalry with dodge on if their in good condition. Or move Mark towards them with the firing squad behind him.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#7
Well I lost the game haha. I write this at work so I got quite a bit ahead of the walkthrough, but I messed everything up on chapter 2 doing the Vision quest and the main quest.

While not really necessary to explain why I lost the game I figure I should explain. The Vision quest requires you to go to West Mercia to find a lost druid, and there is a mission right in that location that is regarding a now apparent, huge religious and location impact on the game story. I accidentally did that mission without realizing it was the christian mission and since I didn't take London as a stronghold, my stronghold was left virtually undefended as the game declared war on me from wales, allying me with the forces near London. I clearly should have made the other choice, but figured I would try to continue.

I eventually found the Vision quest just north of there, but my stronghold was left vulnerable to wales and I couldn't make it in time to save it and didn't have an older save to go back to. My own fault for not multi-saving. But yeah so that happened. It will give me some time to review the recent information with a 2nd playthrough for accuracy though.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#8
After the battle at Idres, occupy both provinces, the one they owned and the one to the north that was being contested. I did the battle a few different ways, and one had no leader with the dragon eyes, as well as one rewarded me with armor though it seems random on the artifact. A lot of things will become more random as we go along and hopefully you are learning vital combat techniques as we go.

Dueling Brothers -

After the battle at Idres it's time to go after the brothers. The rightful path is to destroy the closest brother and the map is set. Deployment should all be to the eastern part. Sir Gareth can be using his swordsman, but I personally feel Sages do better on cavalry since they can dart around the map hitting targets with spells and grabbing VL's.

However this battle has no VL's. In the eastern area there is a good patch of woods with a nice empty killing field between it and your enemy. Get the archers all set for an ambush and have your infantry lined around them as best you can also hidden or further back if no space. I swear I spend more time trying to get my team hidden in the woods then actual deployment and battle.

As the enemy approaches Balin will join the battle with his awesome Golden Gryphon unit, and get blasted by dragon's breath almost right away. I move him into the woods as well, but since his unit is completely expendable this match (recovers to full for free after this fight) you can either have him engage when everyone else does, or leave him be since you can't get any experience points for him yet.

When the enemy approaches and the enemy brigands are withing firing range open up on them all at once (sometimes turning fire at will off is paramount in maximizing the damage suddenly. Gareth can throw a curse or dragons breath out at either the archers or the marauders. I chose the marauders for a dragon's breath as I found them the most dangerous. The marauders may also charge at you in which the archers must all change focus and take them out before they cross the field.

Launch the ambush on enemy archers. As soon as they begin countering, cast Fog of Avalon and then let them lure in some more or cast Dragon's Eye and finish them off depending. They may run if they are on the edges of your archery range so it can vary as to what they will do. Move your infantry and heroes out casting all the good defensive and offensive spells and this will be over quickly.

Seeds of War -

This is an adventure, in which I chose to turn in the prince as he is being a traitor quite clearly, and I asked Sir John to ease off on the Old Faith as my reward earning some of our main stats. I won't be going over these in too much detail unless there is one that requires real special attention as they are mostly choose your own adventure chapters with varying results but mentioning what I did for completion.

The Heir -

Optional battle in this adventure against giants that have no archers. Plant an ambush just north of your starting location and send the sage out to do some damage with Dragons breath on wargs. The fight isn't that complex, just try and have archers always shooting into fresh enemies rather then into the melee as you can kill your own troops fairly easily and it can quickly be the majority of your casualties.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

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6 years ago#9
With all this done, you can now do recruiting. Simply go to any small settlement and rightclick and you will see army management and recruitment options. If your knights are there they can fill ranks as well. I will go over some general campaign information now to give a quick summary of how we should be doing thus far.

Sir Kay - Sentinel - 3 Masterful tactics, 1 Wall of Steel, 1 Wedge of Steel - Liege of Somerset and Dorset

King Mark (never loses that title it seems) - Sentinel - 1 Rage, 1 Last Stand - Liege of everything else and has the reign artifact.

Sir Gareth - Tourney Knights though cavalry are fine - 1 Dragon's Eye

Sir Balan - Golden Gryphons

4 Bowmen, 1 Cavalry, 2 Heavy Footmen, 1 Sentinel.

This is the squad as of now. Feel free to experiment with different combination but we lack much variety currently.

Now before we go take the stronghold, a new timed quest should be appearing if it hasn't already called Into Deepwood. As long as you recently did the Seeds of War quest you should have safe passage into Mercia to go do this mission and I suggest doing it now.

Into Deepwood -

The map is set.
The Unseelie are tough creatures. I deployed in the center with a cavalry to the east. Move the archers into the small forest to prep an ambush and leave King Mark and Sir Balan with them. Ensure Balan is always near the archers if they are visible so that if the enemy hero casts Curse of shadow you can immediately counter with his Magic Resistance aura spell. You can also use King Mark's Last Stand to grant increased Magic Resistance as well. Take note that Magic Resistance seems to have no effect on Crystal Shards which the enemy does cast and basically knocks out an entire unit. I sent the spare sentinels through the woods towards the NW VL to take it and never be seen again.

The Dragon Bones will reduce all spell mana costs by 50% even if you don't own it, but I send Gareth to capture it anyways for the VL morale and attack the Unseelie archers with Dragon's Breath, Curse of Shadows has almost not effect here. (Most Unseelie have 50% Magic Resistance) Then head into the woods for safety. Cavalry head to the crystal tower and once taken use the tower to attack the Unseelie that come to take it then run away back towards the group but be mindful of enemy archer ranges (take the long road home)

The Enemy also knows Fog of Avalon and their archers can see further in bad weather then yours so save Dragon Eyes for the right moment to drop their archers. If they don't cast Fog you should when the range is good to use Dragon Eyes. These archers can one shot just about anyone in your army so they need to be handled with extreme prejudice.

While high casualties are expected in this battle since no one is safe from Crystal Shards, try and ensure you do not lose a unit entirely. It's not the end of the world or anything if they do die, but every unit that lives will aid you in the future.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

User Info: RealYorae

6 years ago#10
Breaking the Curse -

After this, it's time to break the curse, by heading into the northern kings lands. Do not take any of his cities as we will be taking his stronghold shortly and want to minimize combat while we prepare. You can also break the curse by doing the cleansing quest but it associates with Christian and taking London.

As per usual you can have anyone do the quest and just do what you want as this is a choose your own adventure, however I will mention that one outcome involves the knight who went leaving for 2 years and returning with bonus magic and lightning. I sent Gareth and worked on my fiefdoms and troops. Organizing all my spare troops into one squad, and doing the druid quest in the nearby town as well.

Heirs -

The two brothers here are old faith and christian so again it is to decide how you want to deal with them, but they are trade quests. Trade quests bring up a scale with multiple options listed on a slider that can be picked as you bribe them basically. I like Springborn and so I hired the troops to add them and the welsh bowman to my group sending my spare heavy footmen into retirement for the time being.

If you want to get real picky you can use a knight with cavalry to move all your spare soldiers back to your first province as the keep there reduces upkeep by 20% so they will be cheaper and safe. You can also Furlough the area for no income but no upkeep in that province. Then I sat around on the 5% troop xp a season for a year while Gareth came back and the troops are all re-organized.

*Tip* It is not wise to marry a lady simply based on her portrait.

That's a very close to, if not word for word in game tip. I mention it just because you may have received a lady for doing your quests and should assign her to one of your knights depending on her abilities. Mine was increased income so I married her to Sir Kay to stack his fiefdom income abilities.

*Tip* Enemy heroes are based on the highest level hero you own.

While tempting to have some heroes stacked to the nines with experience keep this in mind, and that it is better to have everyone as close to the same level as possible. It won't always be possible, but you can control it by using the 10% xp / season building to level your knights up to par if necessary.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche
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