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  3. Can I get some advice on how to orgonize/control my army?

User Info: ragsdr

8 years ago#1
All of my fight so far have been kind of a clusterf***. I'd like to be able arrange my units so that the archers are in the back and are protected by the footsoldeirs, but as soon as I start moving them places it breaks down into chaos and I just end up selecting all the units to attack one thing at a time. Any advice for how to keep things more ordered?

User Info: ShinesmanOW

8 years ago#2
I generally split (and hotkey) my troops into 4 groups:

1. Infantry
2. Cavalry (with knights)
3. VL claimer (usually a single light cavalry who just runs off to claim a victory location for morale purposes).
4. Archers (with knights if and only if knight has archer-boosting abilities.

Archers move with infantry, cavalry hangs back. General order of tactics:

Generally, archers approach enemy, mixed with infantry or just behind infantry. Cavalry hangs back.

Archers (4) move up, targeting in priority: cavalry, infantry, enemy archers. If friendly units are engaged, targets any unengaged enemy units and avoids friendly fire hits.

Infantry (1) just try to engage something, anything really. Their first priority is to keep enemies away from the squishy archers, and their second priority is to engage spearmen and other effective anti-cavalry units.

Cavalry (2) holds back until infantry is engaged and mops up any groups that are not in melee with the infantry, especially archers.

User Info: Prototype_Z

8 years ago#3
i usually do this:

GROUP #1: -all heavy infantry with strong fighting Knights -any extra light infantry or spear/shieldmen

GROUP #2: -all archers/crossbowmen -a light infantry unit paired up with each archer unit - 2 spearmen units in case enemy cavalry attacks

GROUP #3: -all heavy cavalry, i usaully put my spellcaster Knights in with a cavalry unit so they can get close enough to strike quickly and then pull out to recharge

GROUP #4: - 1 or 2 light cavalry then i send in #1 to engage in front lines, #2 hangs back and fires at the unengaged enemy. #4 goes around all of the main fighting to capture VLs. #3 circles around main fighting also, using spells and once they are behing enemy they charge. if all this doesnt work, IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!!!!!!!!!
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  2. King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame
  3. Can I get some advice on how to orgonize/control my army?
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