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User Info: Anti Hero

Anti Hero
9 years ago#1
Patch 17 is out.
New stuff like Side-3 (new TD map), costume, and new difficulty for arcade mode

User Info: SyfeKS

9 years ago#2

side-3 is a bad map.

nobody can defend, becasue they think everybody will only attack the one way.

User Info: Onomatopoiea

9 years ago#3
Side-3 is a bad map because anchor makes scoring even easier than in St-2
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User Info: SyfeKS

9 years ago#4

that and everybody fails at jump tricks so they fall to thier doom.

eSper mode seems difficult . i was able to complete stage 1 alone. so... i dont think that i can finish anything else while playing that mode alone.

User Info: tzka

9 years ago#5
Yea, esper mode is crazy hard. Stage 3 is ridiculous; The gun robots have near perfect aim. Side-3 is basically a map for pros, and though anchor is faster, defending against it is easier here.
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