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User Info: Xialoh

10 years ago#1
seriously, for one brief moment after the patch, I thought that making everything rental would be a fantastic idea to make players diversify their playstyles, instead of just sticking to whatever perms they had, but now, I'm seeing that the next time I have to repair my gear, I'll be broke (I'm at about 5 or 6k pen now). I'm not going to stop wearing my custom clothing I spend tons of pen on.

To make this simple, I'm asking if there's some better way to make cash, because when I asked in the free room channel, several people simply replied with "You can't actually gain money anymore" which seems to be true.

I will not wear default set clothing, and I will not do chaser with only one weapon at a time. Are the makers of S4 going to fix this major game **** up? Is there a DECENT alternative to this problem? If not, I'll just stop playing this on the side with WoW, and make Team Fortress 2 my full time side game instead. Maybe I'll buy more one time fee online games too..
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User Info: Onomatopoiea

10 years ago#2
It's not impossible to make profit. The problem is, the weekly missions are broken, so right now it's impossible to keep up with rental/repair rates.
Completing missions each week earns enough PEN to pay for a full set of rental weapons and clothing every month. And that isn't even including the raw PEN you get from playing.

You could take a break from this game, and check back later to see if missions are back up.
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User Info: Anti Hero

Anti Hero
10 years ago#3
The missions should be fixed.
There are more types of missions now. (including chaser and map based missions)

User Info: ccc_videomaniac

10 years ago#4
i still use my perms, and my money is only going up :D
perm system ftw! screw the rental system!
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User Info: Xine9

10 years ago#5
go in the nude

only spend money on weps

You're a skin tight wearing game pro now

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  3. so my cash is only going down now...
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