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User Info: Xialoh

10 years ago#11
Rental system is going to be in this month's patch but it won't really affect most of the player who has most of their items.
So if you want anymore PEN perms from the shop; it time to go get them before the patch.

I'm not reading that on the page. Are you saying that any perm weapons I have now will remain mine? And does this rental sytstem include clothing as well? Because the outfit I want I cant get until I get level 26, and I'm only like 21 or 22 now...meaning there's no way I can get the outfit before the patch. Which, after writing that line, I realized was released today. So yeah. God damnit.
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User Info: Anti Hero

Anti Hero
10 years ago#12
All current perm items you own will stay perm.
All PEN shop items will become rental (exlcuding the Master set from what I heard) which means weapons,clothes and skills will be rental.
Of course you can still get perm version of weapons and clothes via fumbi shop.

On another note Patch has been delayed until next week.

User Info: Dusk_Overwin

10 years ago#13
There's more to the patch that there's written in alaplaya. I'm 99.999999999% sure. Watch new info come on monday.
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