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User Info: zeplin1180

12 years ago#1
while I do admit that this game could have been a lot better...

i will say however, that I'm finding this game to be a very fun pick-up-and-play racing experience!

again, I could list numerous areas where they(Codemasters) could have improved upon...
but i do still recognise that this game also has quite a few good things going for it.

with that said, i do want to let everyone know that i do have a slight bias towards racing games... racing is my favorite genre. whether it's a simulation or an arcade racer... it doesn't really matter. i have most, if not close to all, of the racers on the PSP... and i do try and play/buy only the good/higher quality racers

so... anyways...
for starters, those handful of screenshots that exist online(IGN review)... they really don't do this game any justice at all. in other words, this game in motion looks a lot better than the screenshots would have you believe.

while the frame-rate does drop a little at certain times, it in no way gets in the way of driving/sliding/drifting your car around the many off-road dirt tracks.

i remember someone, i think, from this very board claiming that you cannot drift around tight corners or anywhere else in this game... not true at all!!! being able to drift in this game is no different than drifting in TOCA, Sega Rally Revo, or any other NFS game. granted, it's not as easy and exaggerated as it is when drifting in a game like Ridge Racer, but it is there.

in fact, drifting in a game like Ridge Racer/Burnout, to me, is sometimes too easy... whereas pulling off a drift in a game like TOCA is difficult but realistic, of which it takes time and practice to master.

about the features in the game...
while there are a few good modes to explore and race in, the game isn't spilling over the edges in terms of features to play and replay through, or with extras to open and unlock, etc etc..

but what is there is simple and fun and will keep you coming back. as i said earlier, it is a perfect racer for pick-up-and-play sessions... unlike, say, a racing game like Midnight Club.

basically, the best comparison i can give you guys is that if you liked Sega's Rally Revo, you'll almost certainly like this game. it's not the best rally racer on the PSP(not like there's a lot to choose from), but it's certainly not the worst!

i think that if you're a rather big fan of rally racing, in all forms (i.e. playing games, watching races on TV, or going to live events), you'll get quite a bit of enjoyment out of this game. there are a few nuances relatively "hidden" away in this game that not everyone like Joe Schmoe would notice during their first play through. like some have already stated, the subtle physics effects that differentiate each car/vehicle from each other are noticeably present, which is a good thing to me. i'm glad for the fact that no two cars/vehicles steer/ride/drive/jump/slide/drift/coast/accelerate/etc. etc. the same way. it in and of itself provides enough motivation so that the person playing the game would want to keep coming back for more... coming back for more exploration.

anywhooo, that's all i have for now. feel free to ask me anything about the game... i'll be glad to share my advice/opinions any time.

User Info: geelw

12 years ago#2
what too many folks DON'T realize is that screenshots never do many games justice (ESPECIALLY portable games) and besides, some screens are going to be older ones from incomplete builds rather than minty fresh screens from a retail game.

Dirt 2 is fun, but you need to put time aside to learn how to play it. if you go in expecting ridge racer or something super-simple, you'll be annoyed every time you fly off a cliff, roll over or smash into barriers because you don't know how to apply the brakes properly or take a corner at speed without wrecking.

"It's just a jump to the left..."

User Info: zeplin1180

12 years ago#3


That is also what makes this PSP game kinda of fun and challenging... you actually have to take the time to practice turning at high speeds, drifting, jumping, landing, etc. etc..

While the 1st Colin Mcrae game on the PSP might be a little better, this one isn't that far behind... especially in terms of its fun-factor.
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