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User Info: Alpha-Gibbon

8 years ago#1

One of the more popular ways is to hack your registry so the system thinks you have a Driving Force Pro. That didn't seem like a good idea to me. Here is what I did and you can, too. NOTE: You will have to create a new profile for this to work. I think that is true for the registry hack version as well.

1. Open up the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dirt 2\actionmap (depending on where dirt is installed)

2. Click on the file called Logitech Driving Force USB.xml

3. While holding down the SHIFT key, right-click on this file so that "Open With" appears. Choose to open with Notepad.

4. With the file open in Notepad, press CTL-H to bring up the "Replace" Dialog.
In the first box, type USB
In the second box, type GT

5. Click the Replace All button


a. Choose File -> Save As from the menu
b. Change the file name to Logitech Driving Force GT.xml
c. IMPORTANT: Change the "Save as Type" from "Text Document (*.txt)" to All files (*.*)

Okay, that was the "difficult" part.

Now, all you have to do is launch Dirt 2 with the wheel plugged in and turned on and create a new profile.

NOTE: It will not give you a "preset" configuration other than "keyboard." Note, however, that the actions are mapped to buttons on your wheel. Feel free to change any of the button mappings you want to (e.g. Making the "GT" button the horn is fun)

NOTE: When you first start the game, your profile will not be loaded, so you will have to press the enter key when you start Dirt 2 and Ken Block is talking to you. Once you get the warning about Autosave, you can use the "X" button to continue. The d-pad and keys will now work. X works as select and O works as Back/Esc


X = Pause/Run
O = Hide Controls
▲ = Exit replay
Wheel = Fwd/Back
Pedals = Fwd/Back

I hope this helps someone. It would be easier to just upload the .XML file but there is no way to do that on here.

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