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User Info: seancass33

8 years ago#1
Just starting to play Dirt 2 with a wired XBOX 360 Comtroller For PC and while i had no problme in turning in Dirt 3 with the controller but in Dirt 2 with the first race as soon as i move the stick to turn the car i spin out and was wondering what are a easiest settings to get the car to steet right or do i have to play with the settings to see what works

User Info: AsshatsMcGee

8 years ago#2
I am having the exact same problem. I downloaded the dirt 2 demo, and I cannot make it past a single turn. I have played and loved dozens of racing games over the years on various platforms, and this, so far, seems to be the worst one yet. I don't know why anyone would pay for a game that is quite simply impossible. (i'm guessing it's easy with the $500 racing chair controller, but I can't afford that thing). Too bad the "car setup" options are greyed out in the demo...i'm wondering if there's a fix for it there?

I wish rallisport challenge 2 would be backwards compatible with the 360. i LOVED those games even though they were on regular xbox....absolutely badass.

User Info: Kikiorie45

8 years ago#3
You need to fix your deadzone settings for your controller in the options menu. This will make sure that you have the control you're looking for.

Hope this helped.

User Info: TatsuSuou

8 years ago#4
I didn't configure my 360 controller at all and it seems fine to me.
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