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User Info: robwarster

10 years ago#1

I just wondering is there anyone who play this online anymore, i have problems finding online races atm. there are some but i should believe it would be more players of this game??

User Info: ARC_NoOne

10 years ago#2
There are still a lot of people who play this.
There are also a lot of us splitting time with this and GT5.
Time of day could be a factor in it too.
Nothing we do can prevent half the people in the world from having below average intelligence.

User Info: PS2Jon

10 years ago#3
Based on the current tournament, there has been 9000+ different users play online this week.
I got nothing.

User Info: prunes

10 years ago#4
I was on there last night / morning .
worked well but there are some wreckers , for a couple of sessions i was there some people including a couple of American's who had voice enabled , they had it in for this Italian who did not have voice on , they hurled abuse on the chat screen and complained about all he did , funny thing is he floored them every race if they didn't shunt him , then out the blue i got a message through psn from one of these yanks , it read ' read my username ' in the title , and b*tch in the text , so that was that it was open season for me .
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