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  3. what the heck is going on with the PS3 availabilty of this game?

User Info: lunaluagua

11 years ago#1
apparently it's out of print but the demand is still really high for the ps3 version and NOBODY has it in stock

amazon sold out new, $35+ used
best buy sold out new and used in stores and online
gamestop sold out new, sparsely used in stores, sold out used online
target, toys r us, kmart, buy.com, gohastings, familyvideo all OOS (for ps3 version)
half.com cheapest used ~30 (jumped up from lowest 24 from yesterday
gamefly used SOLD OUT

seriously if demand is this high (for the ps3 version) shouldn't they reprint it?

i'm only posting this cuz i been looking everywhere to get it cheap and got it from gamefly before they sold out yesterday. i got 3 @ 20 bux each cuz i'm going for a 4xLAN wheel/racing setup and already had 1 copy

greatest hits version incoming maybe??

seriously what the HECK

User Info: VaultDweller24

10 years ago#2
umm you sure? i just bought it yesterday for 5 bucks used...
PSN: VaultDweller

User Info: creeps_behind_u

10 years ago#3
I have yet to even see it at a store around here.

User Info: gm914

10 years ago#4
Try Ebay- $7.50
SH_NANIG_NS! Just add EA.

User Info: studmuff1n69

10 years ago#5
what are you talking about. I'm only seeing this game for $25+ as well, including ebay, any auction your seeing for $7 must have 5 days left and no bids yet.

User Info: Stuffyedminky

10 years ago#6
The game has been hard to find for quite a while now. I would say only once every few months do I run into one in person. It's appealing to a limited crowd, so they didn't make hundreds of thousands of copies. It's kind-of like Atlus games.
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  3. what the heck is going on with the PS3 availabilty of this game?
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