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napster01101989 11 years ago#1
i started playing online a few days ago after i finished the game so i can get the rest of my trophies and i notced that ppl have been magically jumping to the finish line without even moveing how the hell is this possible?
Mellerker500 11 years ago#2
Best to avoid online portion if your new to this game.
PS2Jon 11 years ago#3
Well I'm NOT new to this game (Platinum trophy and on-line rank 81) and I noticed a bunch of glitching the last week.

I guess all the cheating pansies who can't win by driving wanted to score well for the tournament.

I really wish there was some way to punish / report / shame these glitchers.

If someone is a better driver than me, hey hats off to them. If someone is crashing you, you can crash them back.
But glitchers, what do you do, try to glitch faster than them?!!?!?!
I got nothing.
Mellerker500 11 years ago#4
I guess I'm finished this game then.I have 100% done on my career.
PS2Jon 11 years ago#5
Well, it is your decision, but the online races are the best part of the game.

I enjoy racing games but the A.I. is always predictable and generally lame.

Racing against real humans (some of whom are intelligent) is so much more challenging and therefore rewarding when you defeat them.

That is why the glitchers (who, truth be told, are few and far between) are so aggravating. You work so hard to overcome 7 other people and then they steal your payoff.

I am sure there are others but I only have "caught" 3 individuals out of the hundreds I have raced against.
I got nothing.
ARC_NoOne 11 years ago#6
They only steal your payoff if you LET them steal your payoff.

All I care about is having a good, clean, tight race.
If that race happens to be for 6th, that's fine too.

My goal at any point during a race is to finish one position ahead of whatever position I'm currently in.
Once I get that position, I set my sights on the next one up.
There's a lot less disappointment, and a lot more "payoff" in that method than betting it all on winning.
Nothing we do can prevent half the people in the world from having below average intelligence.
PS2Jon 11 years ago#7
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Kumbaya! Every one is a winner just for giving their best effort.

That is fine for 6 year olds.

But guess what, the game keeps track of on-line podium finishes and wins, not "he tried real hard".

The tournament (which I finished in the top 10%) was for wins, not honorable mentions.

Do you excuse bank robbers too by saying they only steal the money if we let them?

ok <taking prozac now> all better
I got nothing.
ARC_NoOne 11 years ago#8

From: PS2Jon | #007
Do you excuse bank robbers too by saying they only steal the money if we let them?

I actually "try my best" there too.
I try my best to find them, and then take them down at gunpoint.

And it's not that everyone is a winner for trying.
You are the master of your own goals, and you determine what is acceptable performance, and prideworthy.

My self-worth isn't determined by how I did at the last tournament, or how great YOU think I am.
I had ONE win in that tournament.
That one win was against some very high caliber talent though, so I'm much more proud of that single win than I would be if I'd searched out servers full of N00bs to slaughter for a whole bunch of cheap wins.

I will leave a server I'm winning on in a heartbeat, if I think I can find higher caliber talent to lose to elsewhere.
I'd rather finish 8th in the best race than 1st in the worst.
But that's just me.
Nothing we do can prevent half the people in the world from having below average intelligence.
Mellerker500 11 years ago#9
This won't help me to get the final three trophies if I do the following post I made a few days ago.
Djglass 11 years ago#10
I've just seen something similar for a world record ghost. Its painfully obvious when a pontiac GXP gets a time 40 seconds faster than the world number 2 (and 2 and 3 are 20 seconds faster than the next 10 people). 1:29 on China's Li River course in Rally cars? yeah right. I've only noticed because this weeks online tournament is times on this track.
A few weeks ago (probably when this thread started) there was a tourament for most clean races. The top 10 positions or so had over 10 thousand clean races in 5 days! Not possible without cheating. Last weeks event was most km driven "Go long" and again some ridiculously high stats for only a few days. It would be nice if the organisers monitor the times and statistics being collected for these events and remove the highly improbable results.
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