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  3. How many resource buildings per industrial building?

User Info: LleroLorraine

9 years ago#1
Say I want to make cigars. How many farms should i have to power one factor?

Additionally, how far apart should farms be? Is there a downside to setting up multiple farms near each other, or does having more people working on tobacco speed up production?
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User Info: traveltheory

9 years ago#2
I wondered about this as well, As far as I have been able to tell on factory can handle almost all your fields.

From my last playthough anyway I had a single cigar factory exporting 50k worth of cigars from 5 tobacco fields per cycle.

So more resource buildings seems to increase the output of the factory but I havent experimented with extra factories. Knowing that one can support at least 5 fields though I assume there is no upper ceiling.

I honestly havent figured out how farms operate in terms of where they plant as occasionally they will even plant across streets from their locations. I like to place mine well enough apart to make room for the fields though.

Having your farms fully staffed however, as well as your factories and teamsters is very important to your profits. Make sure to up everyone's wages on the island every few years by a dollar or two to keep their job quality high, The higher the quality the more likely youll be fully staffed and the harder they work.

Try to place your factory near your fields if you can to cut down on the transport time and keep good quality housing all around. Happy workers are busy workers.

Playing with the immigration office settings can also help with staff and is required to really take control of your game.
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