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User Info: iIIuminati

10 years ago#1
Here's a little step by step guide on how to create build-able land out into the sea.
And just a warning, doing this can get kind of tedious so I recommend getting heavily intoxicated before any attempts are made.

I wanted to put an airport close to my tourist district but as you can see I didn't have a lot of space:

This is what I want to end up with, unfortunately about half of the projected area is underwater:

I can't build on the water, so I'll have to do some land reclamation. To do this I start placing fountains, a lot of fountains.
And each time I place a fountain next to the water, the coastline extends a little bit.

Did I mention it takes a lot of fountains?

After creating enough land, I start the fun task of deleting all the f***ing fountains:

Here's the clean land. Compare this pic with the first and look at the position of that shrub in the middle:

I start the airport construction, also placing a nearby garage:

And here is the final product:

We watch. And we are always there.

User Info: The_Sword_88

10 years ago#2
That's awesome, thanks
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User Info: iIIuminati

10 years ago#3
I'm glad you liked it.

Here's another project.

On this island I was getting a lot of traffic congestion around the apartment complexes.
Note: the water on the south end of the picture is the internal bay of a C shaped island and is not technically "ocean" water.

What I want to do is put a land bridge across the bay.

So I start placing fountains, the square fountains work well here because I need enough width to build a road.

I just kind of walk the fountains across, adding and deleting I as go.

Once I get close I start on the other end.

And connect them in the middle.

Sometimes when you try to build roads on reclaimed land it will prevent you and say that you are building on water.
To fix this place and delete bunkhouses.

And here's the finished bridge.

User Info: millerl25

10 years ago#4
Cool ideas. Thanks
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