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User Info: Chris_Watters

10 years ago#1

@EnigmaGamer mentioned this in another thread, but it was such a clutch tidbit of information for me that I felt it warranted a new topic.

When I started playing, I was appalled to find that up was down and down was up in this side-scrolling shooter. It really messed with my reflexes and, alas, there are no menu options to toggle the controls.

Fortunately, it seems that this inversion was the result of my Xbox profile settings being set to Inverted for Action games. If you go into your Profile > Game Defaults > Action, you'll find the option to inverted Y-axis. If you set this option to Normal, then reset your Xbox and fire up Zeit2 again, you'll find that up is up and down is down. And then you don't have to be angry (like me) anymore!

User Info: Zulfrak

10 years ago#2
just tried the demo and was also pissed that controls were inverted and there was no option to change it.
didn't think about that it could be my profile.
still thats a big fail imo because now i have to change profile options every time i switch between zeit² and another game.
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10 years ago#3
this game does not have reverse steering. up is up, down is down. forward backwards side to side get on my bike lets go take a ride....yaaaaa
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User Info: billyhad1chuck

10 years ago#4
zulfrak, lots of games are like that. and really it takes like 10 seconds to do that.
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User Info: Cyber Akuma Zero

Cyber Akuma Zero
10 years ago#5
This is clearly a bug since the inverted option in your profile is only supposed to apply really for camera/flight controls, they need to release a patch to fix this.
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