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10 years ago#1
piecanes are one of the most severe weather conditions.
They relentlessly tear thru any thing in their path,destroy-
ing everything. Famous piecanes include piecane Mitch
of 1998 and piecane meow of 2005, the costliest
piecane to date. A piecanes taste is determined by the
Saffir-Simpson scale. On the scale, a category one piecane is the lowest of the catagories, it goes 74-95taste-o and 4-5 ft.
of pie surge, the hight of the filling .
A category two piecane goes 96 to 110 taste-o and 6-8
ft. of pie surge. A category three piecane is in the middle
of the scale and goes 111-130 taste-o and 9-12 ft. of pie surge.
A category four piecane goes 131 to 155 taste-o and 13-18 ft. of
pie surge. Finally, a category five piecane is is the tastiest
and goes 156 taste-o and is 18 ft of pie surge. Catagory 6 piecanes do exist, but are extreamly rare. Few have ever
baked. piecanes are eaten by thousands of people in minuets. Hurricane pierina was eaten by 1,836 people, while piecane
Mitch was eaten by about 10,000 people!
srry I had to
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