How's the difficulty?

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User Info: dkjr83

8 years ago#1
This game looks amazing but I know one of the major complaints about Dodgeball Brawlers was the lack of difficulty. To anyone who has played this at any length, how does it compare? Is the difficulty ramped up enough to make it enjoyable against CPU opponents?

I certainly hope so, and thanks for the info.

User Info: A7thSteve

8 years ago#2
The difficulty is substantial at the highest levels, but you can still exploit the weak AI. After you play the game long enough, you won't find it very challenging at all.

You have to remember though, this game is pretty erratic by nature and it's very easy to have the tables turned on you at the last minute. This is especially true with the 'treasure hunt' battles where the enemy AI can be very vicious.

User Info: EskimoMario550

8 years ago#3
Yes. While the AI, like almost any AI, can be exploited, the game's erratic nature can sometimes prevent this. That and the AI can be incredibly vicious at times. I like it so far.
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