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User Info: A7thSteve

8 years ago#1
I'm always hyped to see Kunio (River City Ransom, Renegade, Super Dodgeball) back in action. Main website:

For those who don't know, this game is like a re-imagining of this:

It's basically a no-holds-barred cross-country footrace with some parkour elements (cross country races usually don't involve rooftops and abandoned warehouses).

My impressions of the original game (and its awful port to Game Boy Advance: were pretty poor:

Even so, die-hard Kunio fans got a kick out of it, and Arc Systems Works has bravely decided to revive the concept.

-The game will include a tournament mode, which acts as kind of a main story where you can unlock stuff (I'm thinking extra teams/characters)

-There is a mission mode, where completing missions gives you parts to customize your teams with.

-There is a free battle mode, which should be familiar to fans of the series, Super Dodgeball's bean ball mode is essentially the same thing.

-Finally there's an edit mode that allows you to create your own characters (face/hair/outfit/special moves) using parts you've collected from the mission mode.

-Characters from all of the Kunio-kun series games will be returning (including those from the sports spin-offs).

So yeah, let's all prepare for awesomeness/disappointment!

User Info: 7thGamester

8 years ago#2
That sounds awesome! The only thing im worrying about is the lack of wifi mode kind of like Super Dodgeball. other than that, i'll be still getting this game.

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