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User Info: istuffedsunny

4 years ago#1
I'm barely getting 30fps on Medium, which seems kind of crazy since I was just playing Alien Isolation at locked 60fps. Any chance of a fix?
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User Info: Onallion

4 years ago#2
This happens to everyone in Europolis. They've said that they will work on fixing it.

User Info: Dzole

4 years ago#3
I find it weird that i get constant fps drop indoors (Zoe job place) whilst outside i am ok..they will fix it for sure, also they put a lot of effort to make the game look good. I can't recall a better looking adventure game right now. Playing with gamepad feels better tho.

User Info: IlluminatusCU

4 years ago#4
Does the game get smoother in later locations? Because it's running like a dog for me as well.
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