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User Info: KrocTheDoc

5 years ago#1
Make a list of the pros and cons of Banjo-Tooie in comparison to Banjo-Kazooie, then state your opinion of which game is better overall.

+ Larger and more memorable worlds
+ Worlds are interconnected
+ More items that cannot be collected without moves from later worlds
+ More complex puzzles and higher overall difficulty
+ Official boss fights in every world
+ No cut-scene on Jiggy pick-up
+ Feathers and eggs are picked up in multiples
+ Infinite lives
+ Split-Up
+ Transformation in every level
+ All of the transformations can attack
+ You actually have to solve the puzzle to open the worlds
+ Silos are all interlinked, unlike the warp cauldrons
+ Mumbo is a playable character
+ Zones and sub-areas are named with on-screen text
- Empty Honeycombs have to be handed in
- The Banjo-Kazooie image on the health meter is static
- The notes are way too easy to find and collect
- Glowbos, as opposed to Mumbo Tokens, are way too easy to collect
- Banjo doesn't pause after the roll attack
- Enemies don't always drop Honeycombs and the Honeycombs eventually disappear
- Canary Mary exists
- Less worlds

Overall I enjoyed Banjo-Tooie more. Both are excellent games, but Tooie was offered greater challenge and the worlds were more visually appealing and had more interesting themes.
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User Info: KCJ5062

5 years ago#2
Tooie for the majority of the reasons you stated. I liked that the worlds were much more complex and that all except one or two stages you couldn't get all the jigsaw pieces on your first visit.

User Info: brentendo3

5 years ago#3
My opinion is that Kazooie is flawless but not quite as fun or complex/deep as Tooie; and that Tooie has a couple flaws but is better overall because of the sheer size of the worlds and the incredible game design that went into this masterpiece.
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