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User Info: Newneko2000

11 months ago#1
I'm thinking about trying No More Heroes 2. But I need to know if battles are as annoying as in first part of the game.
What I didn't like about No More Heroes 1 were battles with assassins, because even when they were not blocking my attack and I was hitting them with my katana, they didn't take any damage. I always had to figure out when to attack them. I didn't like it.
I prefer battles like in devil may cry or Onimusha, where when you hit the enemy it works and you don't have to wait for that one second when you can hit to remove 1% of enemy's health.
So should I play NMH 2? In second part when I hit other assassins do they really get hit, or just stand there thinking that a fly just touched them like in NMH 1?
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