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User Info: Rango

5 years ago#1
Do you still have to grind small-time missions to earn money for the next contract? Is this still a sandbox-mission type game?
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User Info: TLeHn

5 years ago#2
It's quite different from the first game. You can immediately go to the next level without paying money, so you don't have to grind anymore.
The minigames changed, too. You can use the money you get from them to buy clothes and some other stuff.
And there is no overworld, you just have a map and you select the places you want to go to. Some people think that's good because it streamlines the gameflow so that you don't waste much time traveling, other people don't like it because it takes away the exploration aspect and open-world-ness of this game that some liked in the first game.

Personally, I think this game is better than the first. It contains less grinding and you can always go to the next level whenever you want, so the gameplay just flows better. However, this game has less content than the first game, a worse post-game and a lower replay value because of this.
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User Info: Rango

5 years ago#3
I am fine with all of that. I wasn't that fond of the open world aspect of the first game. I'll definitely take a level pick over it.

Are the enemies harder and smarter? Do you get more abilities?
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User Info: TLeHn

5 years ago#4
I found that the enemies were quite similar to the first game in that they are just "small fry" and you kill groups of them. But they do feel somewhat smarter in this game and they have more variety concerning their weapons and fighting styles. As for the the bosses, the difficulty is about the same as the first game apart from 1 or 2 difficulty spikes.

You don't learn any special new abilities in this game, except for some wrestling moves (like in the first game) that you can only use against certain bosses or enemies and another optional attack. The weapons you get in this game are quite different though and change your fighting style.
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User Info: megamachopop

5 years ago#5
Others have said certain things already, but I'll try to list what's majorly changed overall.

1. No overworld. You have a list select for all the main story missions, jobs to earn money, and stores to buy things and upgrade from.

2. You no longer have to pay money to play the main missions. Any money you earn goes towards upgrades, clothes, and new katanas.

3. All except one job are retro-styled now, as well as the gym minigames to get stronger.

4. There are a lot more varied enemy types, compared to just the same type of model with different weapons from the first game. There's huge bulky guys that hit hard; small, thief looking guys that run past and slash fast; enemies with guns which have different marker symbols on the radar; and the tough guys with beam katanas that can take a beating. There may be more that I'm not remembering.

5. You can get the lottery spin by more than just finishing blows now. Finishing blows, wrestling moves, and downed attacks can all give you a spin now.

6. The katanas look and feel a fair bit different now. There's the standard starting one, a slightly more upgraded one you get (essentially the last one from the first game), a giant red katana that's slow but quite strong, and a dual wielding one that's the fastest and easiest to combo with.

7. There are 3 missions in which you play as other characters with their own moves and abilities.

This is everything I can think of off the top of my head. If you have any more questions just ask and I'll try to answer as best I can.

User Info: Rango

5 years ago#6
This game already sounds much better than the first. I'll see about getting it after I get paid. Thanks.
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User Info: Gvertin

5 years ago#7
I cleared this two games on mild, and had no interest to complete on last difficulty, that opens after first run. For me the second one was far more easier than the first, and awfully boring. First one had great bosses and nice timing gameplay, but second one ruined it all. Bosses became very easy in everything, especially when you can interrupt their special attacks and blocks, and smash them to death (you could not do this is first game, it was very challenging). Sequel of no more heroes is very casual for any gamer who love this type of games. If you loved the first one you will definitely hate the second one, because there is no gameplay besides bosses in NMH, and if bosses are boring, this game will never be fun. If only NMH2 featured old timing mechanics, and stronger bosses, it would be much better.

Also if NMH1 was like "nothing" on level design with corridors of small number of enemies, NMH2 features very long and boring battles with infinite number of constantly spawning enemy clones on some end levels, that will make you tired. Levels are still boring and bad, but ridiculously longer.

Anyway, after completing both games i feel, that both games are pretty bad, but at least first one had some good sides after all. I also really hate the fact, that the most people start with the second one, that is the very wrong choice on many levels.

User Info: megamachopop

5 years ago#8
Well since we're getting into the negatives now, I'll list what's been said and what I can think of too, and include some other thoughts as well.


1. In the first game, there were two ways to make money - regular jobs and assassination missions. This game has both, but to a lesser extent. In the second one, you'll make most of your money from the regular retro-styled jobs (which I think are really fun). There are assassination missions as well in the form of Revenge Missions, but unfortunately they're really easy to miss unlocking, and each one can only be played once per file.

2. Now, even though there are less missions to make money, there is less things to buy here. There are about the same number of clothes to buy (maybe a little more), but in terms of katanas, there's less. There are only two to buy this time around instead of three, and you cannot buy upgrades. Any upgrades come in the form of training at the gym, or a new meter at the bottom of the screen. When the tiger turns red after beating up enough enemies without getting hit, your katana will become stronger, have longer reach, and be able to do longer combos.

3. Near the end of the game, the levels become much longer (as opposed to the first where the end levels were some of the shortest in the game). This could be good or bad, but sometimes they seem to stretch on almost TOO long. But this will be either positive or negative depending on how much you enjoy the gameplay.

4. Some of the bosses here aren't quite as fleshed out as the first. Some are, in terms of a few earlier ones and some that get talked about most of the game, but overall not as much (I still find pretty much all of them fun, though).


1. Like mentioned before, there's no overworld. This could be good or bad, so I'll list it here.

2. Game mechanics are different this time around. Using the darkstep move is a lot harder to do and as a result isn't quite as spammable as before. Comboing is also a lot less spammy. Using the Wiimote and Nunchuk only allows you to switch between the high and low combo once (with exception of the last katana which can be comboed with a bit more). If using the Classic Controller however, you can switch between combos as much as you want. Just a weird control choice. It's really down to preference.


1. There's an introduced boss replay mode which allows you to refight any boss you've already beaten once and go for the fastest time possible. It's a really nice inclusion.

2. Gym missions can be stacked on top of each other, and as a result cannot be missed anymore like in the first game.

User Info: Azardea

5 years ago#9
There's no more "I don't feel like getting hit" invincibility the bosses in the first game had in this game. I feel like the combat system is better in almost every way. No forcing you to grind through jobs, no wasting time riding the Schpeltiger across the city, etc etc.
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User Info: starphoenix

5 years ago#10
The bosses in the first felt more organic and tended to not lag as much. With a few exceptions, they felt epic.

Dr. Peace
Holly Summers
Speed Buster
Bad Girl
Dark Star
The True Ending Boss

The second only really succeeds at this with a few of their bosses, most toward the end of the game.

Skelter Helter
Mr. Rastafarian Mecha Armed Boombox Guy whose name eludes me
Margaret Moonlight
Alice Twilight
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