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User Info: TLeHn

5 years ago#1
Even though this board is pretty much dead, after lots of trying I finally found a way on how to survive the cheap attacks of this boss consistently. I'm sure many players struggled with this boss and I needed many attempts until I beat him for the first time (it didn't help that I did a no-upgrade run on Mild on my first playthrough but I beat him on Bitter rather easily).

So I made a video for this. I hope new players will find this useful! (even though this game is already old):


And below is a small guide I wrote for these attacks:

The key to this battle is the parry. And it doesn't help that this mechanic is never mentioned in the game. You have to press the block button just when you're about to be hit. If you do it right, the screen flashes white and you can follow up with an instant low charged attack by pressing A. Parrying allows you to block attacks that are otherwise unblockable (there are some exceptions though). You have to practice this a bit to get a feel for the timing. After a parry, you have 2 possible follow-up attacks: The low charged attack (which I use most of the time) and a normal attack. The normal attack is hard to use because you have to press the attack button at the same time as you press the block button, but it's faster.

The first annoying attack is the triple teleport punch. The most important thing about dodging this attack is the first roll. You have to roll at the exact same moment when you hear the high pitched sound so you have to react very fast. You can't parry the first punch so he will hit you with the second punch when you block it. Then right after that you have to roll one more time because you can't parry the second punch either (I've tried many times and it didn't work). As for the third punch, you can either roll a third time or parry it (I prefer the parry because it's a bit faster than the roll and you can do a follow-up attack). I think most players roll too late which causes them to be hit with the second or third punch.
To get the perfect timing for the first roll you can run towards him (as you see in the video). When you are close to him he will automatically use an attack. I always roll when I get close to him so that the first roll always has the perfect timing if he decides to use the Teleport Punch.
You can try to use the charged attack after the parry but you should be careful because it's rather slow and you can't evade the next teleport punch if he immediately uses it right after that.
Sometimes you can parry the third punch even though you are hit by the second punch but this depends on where the second punch hits you (angle), so it's pretty much random. And sometimes a punch doesn't hit you at all, but this happens randomly as well.

The second annoying attack is the triple Wind Blast Punch. This attack is more dangerous because of the high knockback which makes many players fall out the window, but it's even easier to block than the Teleport Punch if you know how to do it.
You have to memorize the timing for the parry when he does the normal charged punch (he uses it when he has more then 25% HP). Then you use the same timing for the Wind Blast Punch and press the block button in the same rhythm as he teleports. You will block the other blast punches and you can follow up with a charged attack without any problems.
When he is far away from you he sometimes uses a slightly altered version of this attack where the first wind blast is rather slow. If you try to parry the first blast and you see that it hasn't reached you yet keep blocking and parry the other blasts or immediately roll twice to the side.

These two methods should make this fight much easier but you'll need some luck so that you don't get stuck in a corner, combo-ed, thrown out of the window etc...
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User Info: megamachopop

5 years ago#2
Glad to see someone is still into this game. These are some really helpful tricks as well. This boss can be a nightmare on bitter and these should definitely help out. Thanks.
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