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  3. Does this really need a sequel? *SPOILERS*

User Info: Metaknighter

6 years ago#1
Don't get me wrong, I was super psyched when Suda spoke about NMH3 and if it was gonna be on the Wii U, etc.

But after playing the first two games, paying attention to the story and whatnot; I wondered if there was any real point to making NMH3, or what could actually be done.

I mean look at Travis; after killing Alice Twilight he pretty much regrets being an assassin, so I'm not sure how they could possibly make another game where Travis is rarin' to go to kill another bunch of people.

Plus Suda said that Travis may not even be the main guy if there was a sequel, so I wondered if there even was a point to it, since Travis IS No More Heroes. I mean, a new guy whilst Travis sits on the sidelines? Come on.

As for the UAA, they can't possibly make another excuse to have one. Travis pretty much tore the UAA down after killing Jasper Batt Jr. And although he says "Santa Destroy needs us", this can't make room for a sequel, as that wouldn't be ranked fights, just thwarting evil.

Im starting to think Killer Is Dead (Said to be Killer7 and No More Heroes' spiritual successor) will be a nice way to redo the whole Hack and Slash genre, I reckon. Hell, if Suda didn't even announce NMH3, I'd be okay with NMH2 being the ending, because it's perfect.

Finally, they pretty much gave an ending with that special music video where Travis is immortal and he and Sylvia live in outer space. Although it may not be canon, hell, why not? Travis was near indestructable anyway!

Sorry for the long wall, I'm partially zoned out so may not make much sense :3

"People call things OP'd when they don't use it and die from it a lot." - WestSdeNleVrus
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User Info: Azardea

6 years ago#2
I feel like the story is finished by now, yeah. I wouldn't really hate a prequel starring Henry or something, though. As long as we don't get any more Shinobu, whom I feel is blight on the series. >_> Decent boss fight in the first game, but everything else that involves her is just terrible. But I digress.

User Info: megamachopop

6 years ago#3
As much as it may be unnecessary, I enjoyed the games a lot and wouldn't complain if new one were to be made. But that's just me.
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  2. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
  3. Does this really need a sequel? *SPOILERS*
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