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User Info: istuffedsunny

7 years ago#1
I remember a lot of things about the original, but I barely remember anything about NMH2. I guess it felt too much like more of the same for it to make an impression... Anyone else feel that way?
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User Info: Henry_Homerun

7 years ago#2
Dying 4 more Travis Touchdown? http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5220894/1/No_More_Heaven_Bad_Girl

User Info: Xavier_On_High

7 years ago#3
I kinda feel the opposite. I forget lots about the first game; I just tried listing all the bosses and came up two short. But because of Deathmatch mode, I remember everything about this game.

The upside is that I don't find this game forgettable. The other upside is that when I play the first game, it's nice being reminded of all the things I've forgotten.

The downside is that this game doesn't seem as fresh, when I've fought every boss 20+ times. The only boss I've fought that many times in the first game is Dr. Peace, purely because that's where my standard starting save file with **** loads of cash is saved.
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