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User Info: generalguy64

1 month ago#1
My cousin recently got into the game. I told him I used to play a ton of Karthus mid. He was shocked to hear that Karthus could even go mid. What happened to my boy?
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User Info: 8420

1 month ago#2
He's a jungler, and very rarely a bot laner. Those phat Qs and aoe E clear single/multiple camps super fast. He's like a lawnmower in the jungle.
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User Info: RJ1771

1 month ago#3
Yep. And while it might not be the greatest gank tool, his wall still does a decent enough job.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

1 month ago#4
RJ1771 posted...
might not be the greatest gank tool
This is true, because the greatest gank tool is the one that hits all 3 lanes simultaneously.

User Info: Supp1

1 month ago#5
Plus Karthus' greatest strength aside from his ult is that he is able to make jungle objectives (dragon/baron) significantly more dangerous because his AoE from his W and E can cover the pits. Plus if he dies near the objectives, he still has a chance at stealing objectives from the enemy jungler. That happened in my last game, thankfully with Karthus on my team.
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User Info: 012yArthur0

1 month ago#6
His damage and sustain is too good a jungle.

At mid, he has big damage but he can't keep up with most assassins all-in by what I remember.

He scales very well because global ult and can do things while dead.
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User Info: General-Secura

1 month ago#7
A squishy mage with zero CC, zero mobility and zero defensive tools will get shredded by all the assassins in mid lane, so it's best for Karthus to hide in the jungle and avoid confrontation as much as possible.

User Info: AgentReborn

1 month ago#8
Wall of pain also grants vision. It's pretty underrated

He's a pretty high skill cap champ

User Info: SergeantGander

1 month ago#9
012yArthur0 posted...
At mid, he has big damage but he can't keep up with most assassins all-in by what I remember.

This. Back in the day midlane was 90% mages. Lux, Annie, Ahri, Ryze, Karth, Morgana.

Now it is lots of assassins. Karth is just too squishy to face most of the current mid roster.
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User Info: Ryuko_Chan

1 month ago#10
he clears the jungle fast as f*** and nowadays thats very important
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