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User Info: Srheeropercent

2 months ago#1

I've not been enjoying mid recently and decided to go support. Focusing more on AP supports instead of tanks.

I was grinning from ear to ear as Lux and then as Xerath. Sniping bot and mid. In the Xerath game the enemy ekko jungle kept trying to get onto my jhin ADC, and I just kept E stunning him and he'd get blown up. Or just roaming to mid and stacking CC with our Anivia and laughing at the poor enemy getting skilled all over. The build I was doing is either ludens or mandate into horizon focus. Pew Pew.

What about everyone else?
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User Info: Alacrity

2 months ago#2
Playing Vel'Koz mid in a non-assasin meta is pretty much the peak of my enjoyment in ranked. That champ is so damn fun

User Info: Stealth502

2 months ago#3
Back when Rek'Sai was S tier in the jungle, my friend and I would duo Queue. He would play Talon mid, and I would do Rek'Sai. I would of course prioritize ganking for him, but after getting him ahead he would just start roaming and killing the side lanes.

We were on like a 7 day winning streak before we finally started consistently losing games. (likely due to being placed with people WAYYYYY higher than our actual skill level).

It was a lot of fun.
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User Info: I_love_SunnyD

2 months ago#4
Lulu + Kog during the Ardent meta
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User Info: Supp1

2 months ago#5
I've had really good matches as of late. I've found a lot of success being a Nami main in ranked. Even reached Gold last year and recently too.
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User Info: datdudeMcCoy

2 months ago#6
Tc you should try neeko. She kills enemy lane damn near by herself then after 6 just constantly all ins with ult since it’s up every time you get back to lane
WHO DEY!!!!!!!

User Info: xDarkGrimlonx

2 months ago#7
Senna has been so fun to play for me recently and I'm not sure why. Queueing adc/support and playing the same champ either way is pretty nice
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User Info: Srheeropercent

2 months ago#8
datdudeMcCoy posted...
Tc you should try neeko

I agree with that. Land her two damaging non ult abilities and the enemy just melts. It's like Taliyah in that respect. Then again, i've seen Anivia literally one shot people with good use of wall and like no items.
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User Info: Zanaki

2 months ago#9
Whenever I quit for 8 months every year, that's the best.
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User Info: lalelulelosop

2 months ago#10
it's def the games that i played with my girlfriend duo bot
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