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  3. Why don't people build Rakan full tank?

User Info: PokemonYoutube

2 months ago#1
His job is basically diving into the entire team, after all. Whenever I get Rakan in ARAM, I always just go Sunfire into other tank items, and it seems to work well enough.

User Info: generalguy64

2 months ago#2
Because his AP scaling is kinda nuts.
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User Info: typhone004

2 months ago#3
PokemonYoutube posted...
His job is basically diving into the entire team, after all.

He's not always just full diving into the enemy team and staying there like an amumu would, though sometimes a really good ult wombo combo that ends a teamfight in 2 seconds does make it seem that way. After his initial engage, it's often a lot better to weave in and out of fights, switching between knocking up enemies and healing allies. You can just do a lot more with him if you can avoid damage with his amazing positioning ability, rather than having to build items to resist the damage.
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User Info: MisterTellius

2 months ago#4
He can be so mobile that I guess unless your team REALY needs a tank it's kinda redundant on him. Not bad per say, but the tank stats likely won't be put to that much use on him.

Building support items lets him stack CDR and use his crazy scaling shield really well and ult more often.

Also, I wouldn't build Sunfire on him. If it works for you, great but I think Chemtank would be much better for the engage if you have to take a tank item. Rakan's abilities are such a super long cooldown that you have no way to threaten damage or stick to enemies in melee after you go in. Not like with Malphite's or Amumu's Q on a spammable ability. And he probably doesn't wanna stay in melee anyway like actual tanks, he wants to shield the carries.

User Info: Alacrity

2 months ago#5
Because he has a ton of mobility. You don't build tank on someone who is mobile enough to dodge damage while also being in the role of champion the team is the least likely to focus.

And unlike other engage supports like Nautilus, his kit doesn't really give him any reason to stay inside their team after he has blown his load. You're gonna wanna E out anyway because your ult and knockup is on pretty long cooldowns. Full tank Rakan would just be standing there slapping people with non-existant auto and q damage

User Info: I_love_SunnyD

2 months ago#6
The only tank item I'll ever build on Rakan is Raduins if the game goes long enough and they are AD stacked/equally mobile

There are much better items for his kit than tank items
I actually prefer the purple stuff

User Info: Ryuko_Chan

2 months ago#7
because building tank makes his passive Q and E pointless. tank rakan is just a really s***ty malphite clone
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