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User Info: 012yArthur0

1 month ago#1
A friend of mine tried to learn league of legends. Picked Garen and Sett as for learning this game.

Got curbstomped by Yasuo, Darius, Yone and all this kind of stuff.

He wasn't even truly mad by feeding, we told him that hard feeding is the first step towards League anyway. He was just genuinely sad that he seems even trying to follow basic rules he feels he can't get anything done. All of these characters feels it outdamages him, evades everything and all the like.

The thing is, I just realized how hard this game is for learning at this point, considering new and popular champions that requires rocket science or counter-intuitive methods to deal with them.

Is my POV flawed or BS? Discuss.
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User Info: -Hydreigon-

1 month ago#2
League felt like that since I started in S2. The game is more complicated now but in general its always been tough to grasp at first. I remember picking Master Yi and never once buying items because I didn't know how. I remember being insanely pissed that Renekton would just oneshot me, I remember rapidly banning Darius every game because I thought he was unfair, don't even get me started on Diana and Zyra.

It's just league.
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User Info: darkmoonbeam

1 month ago#3
I think this is just a thing with RTS and MOBA games in general

I remember thinking i was really good at Warcraft 3 cause i got so good at vising the AI when i was young

Little did i know the game is played much more differently in real games once i finally had non-dial up internet. hahahaha, oh how silly i was.

Basically had to relearn how to play the game.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

1 month ago#4
In the early years dragon just gave you gold, runes and masteries were simpler, there weren't mythic items, no trinkets, there were half as many champions, no rift scuttler or tower plates or variable tower defense, etc. And there were few "wtf" champions like Aphelios who took paragraphs of explanation to understand. It was definitely easier back then to know enough to play at a competent level.
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User Info: HipsterSora

1 month ago#5
Yeah League has a 8 month tutorial pretty much if you're playing casually. Watching League is super fun though, and can help you learn even if you're not on an educational channel.

Your friend, imo, should learn with the support role for now if you have an ADC also playing on comms. Being solo is rough, no instruction.
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