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User Info: refmon

1 month ago#1
cmon guys she aint that weak
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User Info: TomorrowDog

1 month ago#2
I'm afraid if I go down that road I won't come back.
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User Info: JechtEXE

1 month ago#3
refmon posted...
cmon guys she aint that weak
Yes she is.
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User Info: lonelymule

1 month ago#4
Wait til she gets mad buffs for Worlds

User Info: Mander1861

1 month ago#5
She’s good in arams with the bowling ball of death
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User Info: Clergybones

1 month ago#6
Wasted precious points to buy her :(

User Info: LearntoRead

1 month ago#7
Her dmg is good, but she's in a weird place where she has no way to defend herself without good positioning and timing. I'm no expect with her, but it seems like a design weakness where you either need to build tank or use your ult to engage in any teamfight.

User Info: Sir_Punsalot

1 month ago#8
She does have damage.
But goddamn is she frailer than Janna.

If you just collapse on her, she rolls over and dies.
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User Info: datdudeMcCoy

1 month ago#9
Glacial augment glp shadows is fun
WHO DEY!!!!!!!

User Info: CQtheFighter

1 month ago#10
I do
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