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  3. Which specific role would win in a 5v5 tourney? (e.g. 5 mid mains vs 5 jg mains)

User Info: RJ1771

4 weeks ago#11

Karma Top
Ivern Jg
Morg Mid
Sona/Taric Bot

The shields, though...the shiiiieeeeeelds!

Seriously though, every role in the game has support champs that can be slotted into it (hell they could even get a Brand or a Vel'koz in there if they wanted to) so they'd never be forced onto a champ they don't know well.
iLikeQ posted...
5. Support - def last. might lack trading fundamentals and wave management and overall less mechanical skill than their counterparts. would definitely get outplayed in almost every aspect of the game from trading, rotations, objectives, team fighting. Wouldn't be surprised if they could beat top mains due to their patience
I mean...it's almost like you've never seen a professoinal support player play.
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User Info: HipsterSora

4 weeks ago#12
Has to be jungle or top, the champs there are so diverse. You can find an ADC, support, mage, tank, fighter, any role in both of them.
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User Info: KRDsonic

4 weeks ago#13
Mid easily because their skills transfer to every role. They know how to solo lane, so they also have top covered. They should understand map control and playing to their strong side, which helps with jungling. ADCs have been in mid lane enough that most mids should understand how to lane against one, not to mention you have mage options in bot lane such as Vlad, Ziggs, etc. which are legit. Mid transfers to Support with little trouble because a lot of those champions have similar trading styles and playstyles, not to mention mage supports exist if Janna is somehow too difficult.

The other reasoning is also that mid lane is the most popular role and therefore mid players get filled to other roles more than anyone else, so mid players have more experience in their off roles than most other roles do.

Support would be the worst because their set of skills mostly just helps in their one role, aside from maybe Jungle. At the same time, if you main support, you're getting your role almost every game, so most support mains don't have much experience with other roles.
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User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

4 weeks ago#14
obviously not 5 jg mains. they're the worst players in the game of all roles. yes supports are leagues beyond the skill of any jungler.
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  3. Which specific role would win in a 5v5 tourney? (e.g. 5 mid mains vs 5 jg mains)
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