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  3. PBE 4/10: Kayle nerfs, Nautilus and Fiora buffs

User Info: lonelymule

1 month ago#11
civid posted...
Will Fiora be worth playing now? The buffs will help, but I just don't see it making a huge difference.

don't play her into anything ranged or overbearingly strong pre6 and you should get on fine

imo she requires too much skill to make work when you can just pick jax for similar results

User Info: Ryuko_Chan

1 month ago#12
HP increased from 572.16 to 575
Attack speed growth increased from 2.65% to 2.75%
Armor growth increased from 3.8 to 4
Cull the Meek (Q) healing against champions increased from 3x to 4x

are you f***ing kidding me?
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User Info: Hidden_Is_Back

1 month ago#13
Upcoming Aatrox changes

Been working with SR team to have some major Aatrox changes coming in for 9.9, with the primary goals being to buff him for normal play while dropping his power in professional play. Mainly going about this by drastically reducing power in the revive, which should drop his
ability to tower dive in coordinated environments and also prevent him from having so many safe matchups.

Can't promise any of this ships, but here's what we're looking at right now. We might have to drop an additional World Ender mechanic before we're done.

Umbral Dash (E)
[RETURNED] :: Now has 2 charges, from 1
[RETURNED] :: Cooldown between casts to 3/2.5/2/1.5/1
[RETURNED] :: Charge cooldown to 22/19/16/13/10

World Ender (R)
Cast time :: .5 >>> .25
Revive Self Slow :: 25% >>> 99%
Revive Heal:: 10-50% Max HP >>> 30% Max HP
[NEW] :: Now also fears enemy champions on cast for 1 second

[5] [NEW] :: Aatrox now only revives if he gets a takedown during World Ender
[NEW] :: Takedowns extend World Ender by 5 seconds, reset The Darkin Blade (Q)'s cooldown, and add 1 charge of Umbral Dash (E)

Riot wants to make Kench slow when he hits allies with his W. They'll compensate him by giving him more of a slow on Q and buff his W on eating minions. If they drop the mana cost on W when it comes to eating minions then I'm sure comet top Kench will become a thing and it'll be infuriating to deal with.
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User Info: HamJabroni

1 month ago#14
At least Zed keeps the AD ratio on his Q and the attack speed buffs. Not sure if it's worth though
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User Info: Voidgolem

1 month ago#15
So if they make Kench slow on allied eat, what reason would there be to pick him over e.g. Thresh?

the Renekton Bar just got 10 feet higher.

User Info: PDubs52

1 month ago#16
Super excited for the Naut buff. Still think he's way behind every other tank in the game (even after this tiny buff).

He's too squishy without the shield up and his CC abilities are outclassed by many other champs.
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User Info: kamilohbk

1 month ago#17
Voidgolem posted...
So if they make Kench slow on allied eat, what reason would there be to pick him over e.g. Thresh?

That's the point. Kench as he is, is way too powerful.
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