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  3. So Riot gets rid of Positional Ranked because it's "too hard to climb"

User Info: TheSaintG

1 month ago#11
__poi_____ posted...
TheSaintG posted...
“This isnt my main role so idc if we lose *locks in kindred support*

I feel bad for the people in overwatch who are asking for role based ranking

Overwatch actually created an environment where tanks and healers are the carries. So, most people who want to be "competitive" play those. Only problem is, no one should ever really play dps.

That’s an Elo issue tho. First time I played comp I got a team of children. One started talking about fetishes (he didn’t know what the word meant) and the rest talked about their babysitters. All of them locked in DPS’s.
I wish this was a 1 time thing but I can count the times on two hands I played rank where people played support or tanks. Of course there are the Moira supports that “out damage the whole team lulz”
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User Info: carlos0496

1 month ago#13
PokemonYoutube posted...
Whole bunch of antisocial people in LoL. So what if it doesn't mean a lot to you? It does to the other people on your team. You wouldn't want people to do that to you when you're on your main role either.

Or just remove the system alltogether instead of expecting a toxic community to think about the others. Lets be real here, I dont give a damn about you or any random's lp, the same way I expect other players to not give a damn about mine if they choose to troll.
The only way for the system is to promote self-gain as well give a personal incentive of not to lose

User Info: Velvet__Crowe

1 month ago#14
FreshSushi posted...
i really enjoy how nobody on their s*** subreddit bothered calling out the very first sentence in their back pedal post, where they straight up try to claim this new ranked was great but we're deleting it and bringing back old rank because it was just too great

these f***ing losers actually can't admit to being wrong

I don’t know what the hell they expected. They’re trying to treat the symptoms of the problem, not the problem. The problem being nobody likes being autofilled into a role they don’t like playing or know they’re inept at.

I know I’d rather be in a 15 minute queue than end up being autofilled into ADC. Entirely cepause I’m a Cardboard VII ADC. But I’m a Gold jungler. Whyyyy would I want to play ADC when I already know I don’t psychologically mesh with the role.

What the game needs instead of a convoluted ranking system is better incentives to play support or more interesting supports. Not to be forced to play it.
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