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  3. What they did to Riot Kayle is a travesty--

User Info: supercoolisaac

1 month ago#31

Update on Riot Kayle btw: She will have the beep boop wee woo siren VFX on her shoulders and wings, they just didn't make it into today's build for PBE.

Also her Recall will no longer have the base holy beams and the drones will have spotlights

User Info: Bryfang

1 month ago#32
Now that the character is here and I've played quite a few matches, I gotta say it's not too bad. It's still a bit higher tech than what the Riot line usually was, but the splash art doesn't really reflect what the skin looks like in game at all. You can't even tell she's blue in the splash art.
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User Info: BlueMage02

1 month ago#33
I still think Aetherwing's new splash and sprite are absolute trash.
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User Info: SpunkySix

1 month ago#34
Yeah, they destroyed the skin's identity, but that's okay. They destroyed base Kayle's identity too, so it's even.
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  3. What they did to Riot Kayle is a travesty--
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