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  3. how many of you still play this game?

User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

3 months ago#41
Ironic part is people I haven’t seen stream/play in at least a year randomly started streaming/playing he game his pre season. Example: Ryan Choi. Why the actual hell did he come back to this game lol. He’s either addicted bored or desperate for whatever money he scraps up from his stream
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User Info: shokan_warrior

3 months ago#42

I haven't touched this game in months

I haven't finished my placement stream and I never made time to come back

I miss the board but its dead
never don't give up

User Info: WoodenRook

3 months ago#43
I jump on if I see friends playing on Discord, but I'm just waiting for the next season.

User Info: MyWifeZoe

3 months ago#44
I don’t play but I still save LoL rule34

User Info: reignofkain

3 months ago#45
I play once every few days now. I've been playing since S4 but was so bad at it I was Bronze for two years. Now I'm mid-Silver playing on-and-off. The fanart is the best part about this game tbh. I'm sure if I put in the effort I could hit Gold, but league is now backseat to MMOs for me.
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  3. how many of you still play this game?
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