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User Info: scaler24

2 months ago#1

I'm getting the f*** out of that Alistar skin. Kinda wish the store had given me Christmas Poppy instead of that one though.
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User Info: TerminusEdge

2 months ago#2

User Info: SystemEgo

2 months ago#3
60% - Creator Viktor
60% - Lil' Devil Teemo
20% - Pentakill Karthus
50% - Blackthorn Morgana
40% - Volcanic Wukong
50% - Star Guardian Poppy

Tempted by the Viktor skin but that's it. Got a Lil' Devil teemo shard if I want that skin and not fussed about the other four.
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User Info: condre

2 months ago#4
30% silverfang akali - meh
40% hextech sion - meh
20% pentakill yorick - lol
70% resistance illaoi - already have Void but I think I'll get this too
50% high noon urgot - only urgot skin I don't own, may buy
60% skt T1 renekton - already have other 6 renek skins but may add this to the collection, he's one of my 'mains' after all
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User Info: Supp1

2 months ago#5
<3 Soraka, Janna, Sona, Nami, Lulu, Kindred, Syndra.
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User Info: Rookie_Jet

2 months ago#6
Supp1 posted...

That Morg skin would tempt me.

User Info: condre

2 months ago#7
Supp1 posted...

Solid sale. I'd grab that Morg and Rakan
MH Tri: Piseldur (87YWGL EU servers)

User Info: dkgerbil2

2 months ago#8
I got trash.

30% off Infiltrator Irelia (have Aviator and Divine Sword)
70% off Corsair Quinn (have Heartseeker)
20% off TPA Orianna (have Winter Wonderland, Dark Star and Victorious)
50% off Mafia MF (have Star Guardian and Gun Goddess)
70% off Project Fiora (I have that one where she looks like Korra and I also don't play Fiora)
30% off Omega Squad Veigar (have Bad Santa and Final Boss)

all champions that I already own better skins for. Hextech crafting has been too kind to me, I guess. There's only a handful of skins they could've put in here that would tempt me and the ones I would want most are either too new to be in there (KDA Ahri or Kai'sa) or just unlikely given the odds (Star Guardian Jinx).
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User Info: AHRaven

2 months ago#9
What will I get and not buy this time~

Blood Moon Zilean - 40% - Not the worst
Commando Garen - 50% - Meh
Justicar Aatrox - 40% - Not awful though I'm on a really bad streak with Aatrox atm
Blast Zone Heimerdinger - 50% - Meh
Dragon Knight Mordekaiser - 50% - Own King of Clubs
Dragon Slayer Pantheon - 50% - I've played enough games of Pantheon to count on one hand. What.
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User Info: shyahone

2 months ago#10
i got low priority que time.
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