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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

4 months ago#31
I think neeko's passive SHOULD be great as a jungler once teams get used to her. People need to keep ducking into bushes so there is always the threat of a neeko lane ganking you. If your team just stick around like its a normal jungler and ignores your passive, it will be useless. Better players stay out of vision more.
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User Info: Arcane85

4 months ago#32
Personally I think she's pretty meh...

I think she'll be better as a jg than as a laner due to her clear speed and passive. I think it will be pretty easy to take advantage of her immobility like most mages though and her ult pretty much requires a flash in for it to be any sort of difference maker in a team fight at least from what I've seen.

Playing against her I haven't been "fooled" much by the passive but the W has gotten me a couple of times cus at the end of the day if Im stronger than most of the people on the map im not going to shy away from fighting you because you're X character. But I've seen her bait out some executes which is pretty lulsy. Pretty salty Pykes/Darius in a few games.

I think she'll fall to the wayside pretty quick tbh. I don't think she's better than any of the recent releases (Pyke, Zoe or Kaisa)

User Info: supercoolisaac

4 months ago#33
Played her 4-5 times in mid/sup and I think she's pretty weak. Lot of fun but she's going to need buffs of some kind.

User Info: SpunkySix

4 months ago#34
RJ1771 posted...
PokemonYoutube posted...
She also has some serious dick-sucking lips in her Winter Wonder splash art. Good lord.

To be fair this is also true about her base skin.

also true
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