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  3. What class of champions do you think gets banned the most?

User Info: Black_Assassin

4 months ago#1
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User Info: I_love_SunnyD

4 months ago#2
I actually prefer the purple stuff

User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

4 months ago#3
assassins/any jungler
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User Info: LooneyWabbit

4 months ago#4
It's assassins without a doubt.

Despite them not being overly strong, the majority of them are severely frustrating to play against.

Most of them have plenty of counterplay when even. It's when they're FED that it becomes frustrating.

Even with Zed being rather an awful champion with PLENTY of counterplay opportunity, if your mid laner is 0/5 in 10 minutes, you, as an adc or support, will not have counterplay to that situation.

Just an example, but it's mostly that. They're good at snowballing, and when sufficiently snowballed off of your team (Which you don't control), you also lose the ability to stay safe, even when playing adequately.

User Info: fallen_acolyte

4 months ago#5
Mid / assassins.

Then fotm top laners
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User Info: dennis941012

4 months ago#6
am I the only one here bans support
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User Info: HamJabroni

4 months ago#7
dennis941012 posted...
am I the only one here bans support

im here dw
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User Info: YorickvsRiven

4 months ago#8
i mean we've banned 10 ADCs every game for the last 3 years

User Info: MasterDarken

4 months ago#9
Top/Jungle types, mostly. Many don't want to see certain sorts getting fed or running up on them, while those of us running top/jungle will usually ban a Mid/Support for similar reasons.

User Info: bossvinny

4 months ago#10
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  3. What class of champions do you think gets banned the most?
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