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  3. Did you ever have a game where someone inted hard but you still won?

User Info: aHappySacka

8 months ago#1
Our Riven died at level 1 "because of lag" then proceeded to die again and afk then came back and died again, I told her off so she came to the bot lane to feed and roamed around the map dying to everyone.

And then the Garen she fed so much came bot lane and died to our Kindred after killing me and Draven, fast forward a while after we lose 2 inibs and win a teamfight and before you know it the Kindred started scaling like a monster somehow, same with the Kha'Zix and they went around murdering everything.

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User Info: Bearacudda98

8 months ago#2
I've seen teammates get so monstrously fed they counteract the inter
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User Info: XelaroC

8 months ago#3
Bearacudda98 posted...
I've seen teammates get so monstrously fed they counteract the inter

This, sometimes me, sometimes another teammate.

But, for some reason, when I have a completely s***ty game, nobody carries me and I lose anyway.
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User Info: dennis941012

8 months ago#4
I just lost 4vs5 because two duo queue thought it would be hilarious to prolong the game for 20 more mins. disconnected veigar came back got shutdown on those idiots over and over and over and over and got back into the game while the duo queue rage quit because "team was heavy". All we F***ing had to do was group shove and end.
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User Info: dennis941012

8 months ago#5
at least one of the f**ers are banned
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User Info: Le__seul_dieu__

8 months ago#6
one time i went like 0/18 as aatrox with ghost/cleanse in ranked and got 4 honors. really strange game.
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User Info: BurritoGod

8 months ago#7
Yep. When I was in bronze it happened all the time.
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User Info: Emoglobin

8 months ago#8
I had a Kha'Zix go 0/48 once because he was "lagging" and our team still won because the enemy team was all poke no engage
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User Info: generalguy64

8 months ago#9
Once, but it was a Singed and they had a bad Lee Sin and a Dr. Mundo long before his buffs, so the rest of us got fed while he wasted all their time.
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User Info: WoodenRook

8 months ago#10
I had a hour and twenty minute game a couple nights ago. Bot took a blue buff from Jungler and he raged for a while before I noticed chat. I said a couple things to try to get the game back on track and he informed us his intentions of not team fighting and how on his "other account" he is so much better.

He also told us Riot doesn't take immediate action on reports after we told him it's his account to play dangerously with.

The four of us that were left were doing really well and the other team was pretty bad... It took us a while to get a good team fight in that we could win with. The jungler ended up helping... funniest part was the Riot message after game telling me immediate action was taken against him and thanks for the report.
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