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User Info: Arken101

7 months ago#1
Now that ADC`s have a steeper gold curve and tanks generally have less impact early on wouldn't it be a good plan to take a bursty assassin down to the bot lane to just kill the carry over and over? I mean take a double bruiser bot lane with like Panth/Jarvan or even a strong CC mage and Talon or something and just every time the enemy carry comes to lane you just like kill em.
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User Info: Bearacudda98

7 months ago#2
Assassins don't have the durability to survive an ADC's poke early on, something like caitlyn vs talon would be utterly miserable. Plus on top of that you have heal shield supports which already hold assassins by the balls
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User Info: ThisIsAKnoife

7 months ago#3
assassins can only do their job with a lead and gold advantage. same kind of concept as trying to have gp bot; he only really does well with solo lane exp and gold income (spikes at tf + 1 item and level 13), but CAN work if circumstances allow it (aka enemy team sucks ass).
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