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  3. Why is CertainlyT allowed to make champs?

User Info: PhantomSapphire

2 years ago#1
He created both Yasuo and Zoe who both are a disease, why is he allowed to continue with this?

User Info: Shuriko

2 years ago#2
haha interesting opinion i browse red edit as well xDD

User Info: RJ1771

2 years ago#3
Because f*** you, that's why.

.....No, seriously, Rito's motto of "we actually don't want the game to be balanced" is the only reason CertainlyT still has a job. As long as he can keep pumping out broken kits he'll still be the go-to for making reworks/new champs.


User Info: thepro189

2 years ago#4
because just like certainlyt when he designs champs, riot games smoked some pot before hiring him.

idk if certainlyt does that s*** on purpose to make the game less fun. probably does.

User Info: typhone004

2 years ago#5
I don't get why he gets s*** on so much for making obnoxious champs. Yea his champs in general have a lot in their kit compared to the average champ, but there's plenty of champs like that in the game that he had no part of designing.
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User Info: 8420

2 years ago#6
Because stupid s*** is both fun to play and fun to complain about. As long as the latter happens, League will still have players. :P
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User Info: HamJabroni

2 years ago#7
Yasuo is fine. Zoe is not
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User Info: PhantomSapphire

2 years ago#8
HamJabroni posted...
Yasuo is fine. Zoe is not

Yes guess near endless dashing + doubled crit rate boosts is totally fine

User Info: Flintlock_Staff

2 years ago#9
He's reworking akali right? We should be seeing the kit kinda soon if I'm not mistaken
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User Info: TerminusEdge

2 years ago#10
Meanwhile CertainlyT also reworked Warwick, whose only glaring flaws were mainly numbers-related.

He's more ambitious than their other champion designers, which results in higher highs and lower lows, so to speak.
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