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  3. Which of the healers is most low-effort? Asking so I can play and chill in-game.

User Info: FreakishLancer

9 months ago#1
Which of the healers takes the least effort? - Results (87 votes)
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6.9% (6 votes)
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33.33% (29 votes)
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And I'm talking one where I can just stand in one spot and press the heal ability and still contribute to the team even though I'm doing nothing.

Asking because I am tired of putting in a lot of effort in a match only to lose it because of teammates.

User Info: Gangryong

9 months ago#2
Sona or Soraka.

Teammates will lose you the match in every single elo, so just stop with the "it gets better" mentality. You need to accept it now and either play for the game or give up.

Also, putting less effort means waiting for team to carry you, which is basically trying your luck. Even with the "braindead" supports.
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User Info: 8420

9 months ago#3
Gangryong posted...
Sona or Soraka.

Sona because you just spam W until you run oom. Raka you at least have to land Qs sometime.
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User Info: TehDuuuDeAbides

9 months ago#4
Rakan and low effort don't belong in the same sentence.
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User Info: baltoboulbobbi

9 months ago#5
I disagree with Soraka, she is quite stressful to play, often focused and cant heal herself with W, and having to keep an eye on the other lanes in case they need your ult.
With Nami you can just buy ardent, put W and E on your adc then sit back and relax.
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User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
9 months ago#6
Nami has a heal but she isn't a healer the same way Sona and Soraka are.

Same with Rakan.
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User Info: LikesToCry

9 months ago#7
Sona also dies in a single auto fwiw

User Info: flamepillar

9 months ago#8
Sona at 4/5+ items.

Nami in the laning phase (no, you don't have to hit bubble to win lane, just max w)

Taric requires more effort but is much less punishing to play if you want to just afk sustain on targon stacks.

Soraka is not the right answer. You can't just heal someone once and chill out. You have to be healing every second in a late game teamfight and selecting the target annnd draining your own health annd keeping track of ult. At least Sona can just hit w off cd without having to select a target and nami has a more effective longer cd heal so it's more of a cast then chill out sort of spell. Soraka also cannot peel herself in any way. (Too many bad sorakas in my games who think she is a brain-dead champion)

User Info: aHappySacka

9 months ago#9
The answer is Nami since you just press W whenever an ally and/or enemy is near someone else then your other abilities when you remember you have them.

Anyone who says Soraka doesn't know what they're talking about since it's stressful at times with everything you're expected to do including landing your Q to get the most out of your heals, using E on priority targets then crying when everyone still dies because your teamates are all monkeys.
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User Info: Le__seul_dieu__

9 months ago#10
soraka isn't as braindead as she was in ardent meta. prob nami/janna atm since they can do well even without using all of their kits.
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