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User Info: supercoolisaac

1 year ago#1

Climbing, meta stuff, matchups, builds, runes, etc. Doesn't necessarily have to be about bot lane though that is what i'm most knowledgeable about. Or don't, up to you, was stuck for a bit and close to demoting a few times lmao. Just happy to have started to play well again.

Still have a ways to go to hit D1/Masters...the jump is a lot bigger than i think people realize, but that's the goal ya know.

User Info: breakfastramen

1 year ago#2
Can you boost me to bronze 5?

Really though, grats! Also, what should everyone's pocket support pick be if autofilled?
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User Info: RJ1771

1 year ago#3
Why should we...oh, that's you Isaac. In that case: congrats. :^)

User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

1 year ago#4
How2Shaco in high elo

User Info: LePetitLoup

1 year ago#5

User Info: dennis941012

1 year ago#6
how do people not get bored of using same champion over and over? ._.
so many alistar in a row
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User Info: DuuuDe14

1 year ago#7
Is it as bad as Dom says it is?
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User Info: Nightmare_Luna

1 year ago#8
why are people still picking ezreal
"That's not a character, that's a set of bondage gear that can cast Ice 2."
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User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
1 year ago#9
How many shoes?

No but seriously, do you think Janna is a decent otp to get from silver to gold?
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User Info: 8420

1 year ago#10
Should Alistar be picked or banned EVERY game, or is it just me?
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